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Yuko Kotegawa (古手川祐子)

Prosecutor Akakabu in Kyoto

赤かぶ検事 京都篇

120 min. x 1ep. / 60 min. x 8 eps.|9 episodes

After many long, hard work as a prosecutor’s assistant, Shigeru Hiiragi has finally been promoted to public prosecutor. Known as “The Red Turnip Prosecutor” for his love of pickled turnip and his ability to stir a little humor into the usual staid and tense court, Hiiragi brings a breath of fresh air to the legal trade with his humanism, while also wielding years of legal knowledge and hard-wrought experience, much to the chagrin of elite defense lawyers. Set against the tradition and history of Kyoto, here is a legal mystery with a little extra flavor.

Yan Papa

やんパパ   얀 파파   少年父親

75 min. x 1 ep. / 60 min. x 9 eps.|10 episodes

Best-seller comic book author Yui has an assistant, Yusaku, who is secretly attracted to her. Yui also finds herself attracted to Yusaku but she has a big secret. At a book launch party, Yusaku finally blurts out his feelings for Yui, but the response that she has three children is not what he expected! Despite his initial shock, he decides that he still wants to marry Yui even though Yui’s children are hostile and his best friend is against it. In modern times when divorce is common and many people find themselves in untraditional families, this drama portrays the spirit of parental love in a subtle and hope-inspiring manner.

One Hot Summer

世界で一番熱い夏   세계에서 가장 더운 여름   最熱的夏天

65 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

Daisuke is secretary to a powerful politician named Tojo for whom he has great respect and follows without question. But when he is told that Tojo is involved in a bribery scandal and that the money is being filtered into Daisuke’s account in order to set him up, Daisuke is shocked that the man he respected would make him the scapegoat in his crimes. Falsely accused of these crimes, Daisuke must fight to prove his innocence while being pursued by the police. His journey back will test his trust in the people around him and the system to which he has dedicated his life.