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Arata Iura (井浦新)


最愛   최애   最愛

75min × 1ep / 60min × 9eps|10eps

Leading female industrialist, Rio, has been named a key person of interest in a serial murder case investigated by Detective Daiki. The two were once in love with each other in their youth. Rio’s legal advisor, Kenichiro, will do anything for her. Caught in a love triangle and a criminal investigation, Rio and Daiki’s “forbidden” romance seems doomed by a missing person incident 15 years ago and its possible links to a current serial murder case. Is Rio complicit? What would you do to protect those who are most beloved to you, be it a first crush, a sibling, a parent, a child, or a lifelong friend? This suspenseful romance evokes the uncompromising passion, struggle and redemption of true love.

Stolen Identity 2

스마트폰을 떨어뜨렸을 뿐인데:붙잡힌 살인귀   雖然只是弄丟了手機2   スマホを落としただけなのに 囚われの殺人鬼

118 min

In the first movie, Stolen Identity, the loss of a smartphone by a lover leads to the horror of a heroine’s life being targeted, followed by the exposure of a hidden past for a double mystery that resonated deeply with the smartphone generation. Depicting an ever-present danger that could befall anyone in contemporary society, the movie depicts the potential horrors of our social media age where a small detail in our networked society can potentially wreak havoc with people’s daily lives. This sequel ups the ante over its predecessor in scale as it sets the police on a massive cybercriminal hunt.StoryIt’s been several months since the police closed the case on a serial killer who preyed on women with long jet black hair. But then a new unidentified body is discovered at the same crime scene. Police detective Manabu Kagaya hurries to interrogate Yoshiharu Urano, a serial murderer whom he had caught. “Did you do it?” he queries. But the imprisoned Urano will only reveal the existence of a “M”, a dark web mystery man whom he refers to as his master. Meanwhile, Kagaya’s lover, Minori, is being targeted by a mystery man, and Kagaya must make a tough decision to recruit Urano’s assistance.


アンナチュラル   언내추럴   非自然 法醫女王

75 min × 1 ep / 70 min × 1 ep / 60 min × 8 eps|10 episodes

A story-a-week episodic medical mystery that treats the theme of reality changing when faced with imminent death. Mystery and exhilarating human drama unfold against the backdrop of the “unnatural death institute”, or “UDI”. For example, the body of a young man is brought into the UDI lab one day; his cause of death attributed to ischemic heart disease in which blood fails to be conveyed to the heart. But the victim’s parents are puzzled by the freak nature of their son’s death and turn to medical coroner Mikoto, to find out why. Together with her lab technician partner, Yuko Shoji, and rookie medical recorder, Rokuro, they examine the body for a possible drug poisoning, and then learn that another female colleague of the deceased man has just died suddenly.

Alumni: Three Times in Love

同窓生 〜人は、三度、恋をする〜   동창생 ~ 사람은 세번 사랑을 한다~   同窗會~三度愛上你

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

Based on an original work by master manga romance writer, Fumi Saimon, “Third Time a Charm” follows the emotional lives of four middle school classmates now in their 40s who are reunited at their 25th class reunion. The encounter sends them spiraling into the fire of ardent and complicated romance. “True love” fuels Kenta and Akehi’s efforts to turn back the clock despite looming realities. Nevertheless, Kenta is reawakened to Akehi’s importance while Akehi is emboldened to rebel against her violent husband. Meanwhile, Ryosuke and Kaoruko give themselves freely to their newfound passion for each other until cracks gradually begin to appear. Four people well into middle age seek a life do-over in this emotionally-charged romance.

For Love

恋   사랑   戀

135 min x 1 ep|1 episode

The year is 1972. Fumiko is a very ordinary college student working a part-time job translating English literature where she meets university professor, Shintaro Katase and his wife, Hinako. She finds herself “enamored” with them. But the appearance of a young man named Katsuya Okubo leads to the destruction of those feelings. On one fateful day, Fumiko shoots Okubo to death in a violent incident that renders Professor Katase paralyzed from the waist down. His wife had witnessed the scene, but never speaks of it, allowing Fumiko to shoulder the blame. Fumiko does so willingly to keep a certain secret. 40 years later, in 2013, a reporter named Mit-suhiko Torikai is reexamining the case, trying to find out what really happened. Finishing a long sentence, Fumiko, who now suffers from terminal cancer, decides to bare her soul at last and reveal the secrets she’s kept locked away for so long.

HANAMIZUKI ~May your love bloom for a hundred years~

ハナミズキ   하나미즈키   花水木

128 min.

High school student Sae Hirasawa lives a simple life with her mother in a peaceful northern fishing town but dreams of a life overseas. She has grown up in the shade of a dogwood tree planted for her as a young child by her itinerant and chronically-ill father, who knew he’d never see his daughter to adulthood. Sae is determined to make it into a top university and increase her chances of landing a job overseas when she meets Kohei Kinouchi, a boy from another high school. The two fall in love and together encourage each other to pursue their dreams, even as it pulls them apart: Sae to a prestigious university in Tokyo and Kohei to the open seas as a fisherman. Inevitably, the physical separation and the widening gap between their ambitions begin to strain their long-distance relationship. As Kohei misses, and increasingly regrets, not seeing Sae grow into a beautiful woman, Sae finds herself inching ever closer to her goal when she meets Kitami, an upperclassman who shares her same dream.