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Mei Kurokawa (黒川芽以)


悪党たちは千里を走る   악당들은 천리를 달린다   惡黨跑千里

30 min × 10 eps|10 episodes

Angered by his boss, a strident and selfish production company employee, Takasugi, quits his job as a director and finds himself saddled by a 10 million yen ($100,000) debt. He decides to hatch a plot, conspiring with a former assistant director friend named Sonobe, to kidnap a very rich family’s beloved dog for ransom. But then a mysterious woman, Natsuko, shows up as well as the son of the family whose dog they plan to kidnap, both wanting in on the plot. Then things really take a complicated turn when Takasugi is marked by a real kidnapper to take the blame for a separate child kidnapping in this thrilling, humor-filled and moving suspense.

Justice is Blind: The Moving Tale of a Vision-Impaired Lawyer(Based on a True Story)

全盲の僕が弁護士になった理由   전맹인 내가 변호사가 된 이유 ~감동서스펜스 실화!~   全盲的我變成律師的理由~真實故事改編的懸疑劇~

120 min x 1 ep|1 episode

Based on the writings of a true life, vision-impaired lawyer comes a story about a blind man who manages to pass the extremely difficult bar exam and earn his lawyer’s license. Long desiring to help the weak, Kensuke Okochi gets a job at an attorney’s office while he and his wife, also blind, look forward to their first child. When a plaintiff in a divorce case decides to withdraw from litigation, Kensuke worries at first that it has to do with his own perceived inadequacies as a lawyer, but a few days later, he is visited by the female plaintiff, Satomi, showing injuries to her body. While it appears an open and shut case of domestic violence with an audio recording as proof, Kensuke detects a “certain scent” coming from the plaintiff which gives him pause as to her real intentions.

Girls for Keeps

ガール   걸 (Girl)   粉領族

124 min.

Yukiko, Seiko, Yoko and Takako are the most improbable group of friends given the fact that they work in very different industries and live in different worlds. Yukiko is a fashion maven devoted to expressing her individuality through clothes. But she’s pushing 30 now, and is beginning to acknowledge the pressure to dress appropriately for her age. Seiko has been promoted to a managerial position but finds herself having to constantly do battle with her elder male subordinates. Yoko fantasizes about marrying a gorgeously handsome company freshman 12 years her junior. Takako is a devoted single mother whose hard daily effort more than compensates for a father role.

Mobile Detective - THE MOVIE -

ケータイ刑事 THE MOVIE バベルの塔の秘密 〜銭形姉妹への挑戦状   핸드폰 형사 THE MOVIE   手機刑警 THE MOVIE

98 min.

Although they are still teenagers, the Zenigata Sisters are detectives, and have a grandfather in the Inspector General. They possess an uncanny knack for solving crimes, but no one knows that they are investigators. The Zenigata Sisters have been busy solving crimes around the nation, and are faced with a case surrounding their own family. Unless three crimes are solved, the perpetrator threatens to escalate his crimes. It is then that Rui, Mai and Rei begin receiving mail on their cell phones from the police department. The trap set by the perpetrator has the sisters stumped. Will they be able to solve the crime in time?

Tales of Terror - The Haunted Apartments -

怪談新耳袋 劇場版 幽霊マンション   괴담신이대 극장판 유령맨션   怪談新耳袋 幽霊公寓

93 min.

Be sure to obey the midnight curfew…!
After the death of her mother in a traffic accident two years ago, a seventeen-year-old girl, Manami, and her father decide to move out to get away from the memories of her death. The move was supposed to be the beginning of a new life for Manami, but she is troubled by her father’s drinking, and mysterious deaths begin happening in the neighborhood. One day, Minami decides to try to solve the mystery of a mysterious girl in a school uniform she has seen in the building…

Mobile Detective

ケータイ刑事   핸드폰 형사   少女刑警 系列

206 episodes

The grandchildren of a police chief, Ai, Rui and Mai are in high school, and the youngest, Rei, is in middle school. These four sisters seem like ordinary siblings. However, equipped with uncanny instinct, a sharp sense of smell and an IQ of 180, they are secret detectives who solve case after difficult case. After their grandfather summons them to help, they begin work with the department and thus, the high-school girl detectives are born.