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Hikaru Yaotome (八乙女光)

Dark System: Battle for Love’s Throne

ダークシステム 恋の王座決定戦   다크시스템 사랑의 왕좌결정전   不擇手段追女生

30 min. x 10 eps.|10 episodes

How to win the greatest love by the worst means! The world of romance is not for the timid. For Jiro Kagami, who has never been popular with the girls, the only way to win the heart of his beloved Yuri is by beating out four rivals with the use of a so-called “dark machine” that he hopes will make up for his lack of a way with women.

He is Beautiful

美男ですね   미남이시네요   原來是美男

130 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 10 eps|11 episodes

Miko, who abandons her ascetic training to become a convent nun to instead assume the singing dreams of her twin brother’, Mio, by replacing him as a member of the hugely popular rock band, A.N. JELL. The band’s leader, Ren, though overflowing with musical talent, is also an extreme neat freak and perfectionist who keeps others at a distance and refuses to recognize Miko or anybody else’s talent.
The band’s other members consist of Shu, who seems to have a little more of a forgiving personality, but is actually just extremely detached. Yuuki, while on the surface a complete airhead, keeps balance in the band, particularly between Ren and Shu. Miko leaves the communal life of a nunnery to join that of a rock band, but will she be able to “gel” with A.N.JELL? And bringing a girl into an all-boy band is sure to produce some interesting chemical reactions; perhaps even some chemistry between Miko and Ren, not to mention a fair share of jealousy, tears, camaraderie and even a search for parental love.