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Rio Yamashita (山下リオ)


破門 疫病神シリーズ   파문 역병신 시리즈   破門 瘟神系列

60 min × 8 eps|8 episodes

Kazuki Kitamura and Gaku Hamada co-star in a television dramatization of two seminal works from the hugely-popular, hard-boiled series, “Yakubyogami” by crime thriller writer, Hiroyuki Kurokawa: “Hamon” (Expulsion), based on the novel of the same name that won the 151st Naoki Prize, and the series’ debut novel, “Yakubyogami” (Hoodoo).
Set in Osaka, high-spirited yakuza Kuwabara and buttoned-down construction consultant Ninomiya form an odd couple as they rail against the city’s “bad elements” drawn to money like sharks to the scent of blood. Laced with the characteristic witty banter of the Osaka dialect here is a gritty, hard-boiled drama that explodes with violent thrills and impact that defies all expectations.

Tales of Terror "Recollection"

怪談新耳袋「記憶」   괴담신이대 「기억」   怪談新耳袋「記憶」

60 min x 1 ep|1 episode

After working their part-time jobs at a family restaurant, Shingo, Satoru and Yoshinori decide to visit a noted haunted spot. Convinced that they experienced something supernatural, they are returning home from the spot in a car when Yoshinori suddenly gets swallowed up by the backseat and simply vanishes. Shingo and Satoru are beside themselves until they find out from their boss and Yoshinori's supposed family members that their friend never existed.

Tales of Terror "The Painted Face"

怪談新耳袋「すごい顔」   괴담신이대 「엄청난 얼굴」   怪談新耳袋「怪臉」

60 min x 1 ep|1 episode

There is a school where hangs a portrait of a female whose face has been painted over. If you scratch away a portion of the whitewash, the woman actually appears to haunt and harass you. Her face is said to defy description, so horrifying in fact that one wishes for death upon seeing it. This school forms the backdrop for female teen, Yayoi Himeno, who finds herself embroiled in a terrifying mystery.

Love Letter

ラブレター   러브레터   愛情信

30 min. x 60 eps.|60 episodes

Minami is a deaf girl who, through sign language, tries to relate herself to her first love, Kaiji, and in so doing nurtures their puppy love for one another. In the process, Minami begins to develop an unrealistic desire to “hear Kaiji’s voice”. In response, Kaiji swears to Minami that he will “be her ears for her”. Alas, they are too young to keep to their promise… This is a beautiful but painful love story of the 15 long years of their unforgettable first love and family ties.

tokyo girl

東京少女   도쿄 소녀   東京少女 系列

30 min. x 52 eps.|52 episodes

A TV drama series in an omnibus format. Bittersweet girlhood memories are introduced in various episodes.