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Shinobu Otake (大竹しのぶ)


ごめん、愛してる   미안하다 사랑한다   對不起、我愛你

85 min × 1 ep / 75 min × 2 eps / 60 min × 7 eps|10 episodes

Ritsu Okazaki was abandoned by his mother when a child and has since scraped out a seedy life in the only place that will comfortably accept him: the underworld. But one fateful day, Ritsu incurs a serious-head injury during a scuffle, and is informed by a doctor that he could go at any moment. With time running out, he sets out to find his mother, Reiko Hyuga. What he finds, however, is a happy and wealthy woman who spends her time lavishing love on another son named Satoru. Ritsu is torn between feelings of jealous hatred and yearning for the love of his mother. That’s when he’s reunited with Rinka, a girl he’d helped before. But Rinka has long been in love with Satoru, a childhood friend, but she has kept those feelings to herself. A mother and two sons, a girl and two men: two love triangles that intersect and clash to produce a bittersweet love story.

My Darling is a Foreigner

ダーリンは外国人   달링은 외국인   達令是外國人

100 min.

Saori, a would-be manga artist supporting herself as an illustrator, is in love with Tony Laszlo, who came to Japan after he fell in love at first sight with its ‘kanji’ written characters. He is an American. Unable to speak a word of English, Saori is nonetheless taken with Tony, and they begin to go out. They start to sense ‘marriage’ and move in together. They arrange to rent her sister’s wedding hall, and invite her parents. Saori’s mother was expected to present an obstacle, but Tony wins her over completely. Her father, however, pointing to Saori’s easy-come easy-go attitude to life, quietly announces his opposition to the marriage. Because he is a foreigner, the two of them must try harder to come together than they would if both were an ordinary Japanese couple. But as the desire weakens, he announces he is going back to America.

You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

冗談じゃない!   농담이 아니야!   別開玩笑了!

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 10 eps|11 episodes

A forty-year-old man has married a pretty woman 20 years younger than he is. However, with their marriage as a turning point, his fate dramatically changes. The mother of his newly-wed bride is his old lover! What is worse, the mother voluntarily moves herself in with the newly weds. Their newly married life, which would have been honey-sweet, is becoming a roller-coaster ride. This is a comical drama portraying the triangle with reason of these three people.

The Misery of Others is as Sweet as Honey

ひとの不幸は蜜の味   남의 불행은 꿀맛   看人不幸的好滋味

60 min. x 11 eps.|11 episodes

A woman cartoonist struggles to make her way in the face of social restrictions. Her home office is the setting for encounters with editors, assistants and even her mother-in-law, and it’s often hard to distinguish friend from foe. Yet her ability to deal with problems somehow makes our own difficulties more bearable.

Seven Men and Women, Summer Story / Autumn Story

男女7人夏物語、男女7人秋物語   남여 7인의 여름 / 가을 이야기   男女7人夏物語/男女7人秋物語

Summer: 60 min x 10 eps Autumn: 60 min x 11 eps|21 episodes

Three men in their early 30s and four women in their late 20s who haven’t let go of their youth try to continue enjoying life without any particular goals. The various ways in which their lives become entangled make for entertaining viewing.