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Masumi Miyazaki (宮崎ますみ)

Stewardess's Sweetheart

スチュワーデスの恋人   스튜어디스의 애인   空姐的戀人

60 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

This romantic tale involves a co-pilot who aspires to become the pilot of a new Boeing 747-400, and the stewardess he loves. Suddenly, the wife he had believed dead reappears. The simple purity of the stewardess’s love provides an engaging background to the mystery and suspense which fills this drama.

I've Loved You from the Start

ずっとあなたが好きだった   줄곧 당신을 사랑했어요   深情不變

60 min. x 13 eps.|13 episodes

Ten years after their amicable separation, the couple meets again. Only now, Miwa is about to marry, and the man also has cultivated a relationship with another woman. This complex romance focuses on Miwa’s search for genuine happiness after enduring the stigma of a failed marriage.