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Yumi Morio (森尾由美)

Quintuplets Series (Quintuplets 1,2,3,4,5,6,Go!,Go!Go!,Go!!3,2008,FINAL)

大好き!五つ子シリーズ   참 좋아 ! 다섯 쌍둥이   最喜歡你! 系列

Part 1 - Part 5 : 30 min. x 30 eps. Part 6 : 30 min. x 35 eps. Go!, Go!Go!, Go!!3 : 30 min. x 35 eps. 2008 : 30 min. x 34 eps. FINAL : 30 min. x 25 eps.|349 episodes

Usagi is just an ordinary housewife. Katsura, her junior college classmate, asks her to join her in a business venture. Katsura wants to open a flower shop. Usagi has never given any thought to working, but she is swept along by Katsura’s enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Usagi’s father, who’s the third-generation owner of a shop called Ginza Ugetsudo, is planning to make Usagi his successor. Which path will Usagi take? Or, will she settle on a completely different road? Usagi matures with each vexing problem she faces. Her struggles are presented with a comic touch. This is a drama with excitement, suspense and humor.

Love’s Gift 1 & 2

ラブの贈りもの 1、2   사랑의 선물 1,2   與狗狗同在 系列

Part.1: 30 min. x 30 eps. Part.2: 30 min. x 30 eps.|60 episodes

A drama depicting a family that grows together and matures through volunteer activities raising guide dogs. Reiko Watanabe is a busy homemaker who along with her husband Yoshiaki, a company worker she met in college, is raising three children: Misaki, Takashi and Kenya. When Yoshiaki’s mother passes away, the family decides to move into the large home of his father, Koji, a craftsman. The children have been wanting a pet dog but Koji despises dogs. But the children's disappointment in their new environs is about to change.

Stewardess's Sweetheart

スチュワーデスの恋人   스튜어디스의 애인   空姐的戀人

60 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

This romantic tale involves a co-pilot who aspires to become the pilot of a new Boeing 747-400, and the stewardess he loves. Suddenly, the wife he had believed dead reappears. The simple purity of the stewardess’s love provides an engaging background to the mystery and suspense which fills this drama.