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Scenario Writer Name: Jyunya Kato (加藤淳也)

Atsuhime No.1

篤姫 No.1   아쓰히메 NO.1   篤姬No.1

86 min.

It is 1853. Atsuko, adopted daughter of Shimazu Nariakira of the Satsuma clan and known to history as “Atsu-hime”, is en route by palanquin from her home to the castle of the Shogun in distant Edo. She is not happy with this, however, and resolves to struggle against her fate. In the mountains of Hakone she runs from her procession. Her governess Tae and the woman ninja Mitsu chase after her. Continuing on in spite of their entreaties to come back, she looks up as the weird light of a meteor envelops them. The next thing she knows, she has gone 160 years into the future…

King's Game

王様ゲーム   왕 게임   國王遊戲

82 min.

‘Obey the King’s commands!’
One night, Chieko Honda and her childhood friend Nobuaki Kanazawa get a text. The sender is ‘The King’, and the subject is ‘King’s Game’. If the King’s command is not carried out within 24 hours, punishment will follow. Thinking this is all in fun, the students carry out the orders, which then begin to escalate. Two classmates who do not do as they have been told are punished. Then classmates begin to disappear. What does the ‘King’ really want?