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TBS to Begin Next-Day Broadcasting of Ooku: The Inner Chambers in Taiwan - Program to become first Japanese dramatic series offered as next-day broadcast overseas


The first episode of the TBS autumn drama Ooku: The Inner Chambers will air in Japan on October 12 at 22:00 and will air in Taiwan on the following day in prime time. Thereafter, Ooku: The Inner Chambers will continue to air in Taiwan the day after it airs in Japan, becoming the first Japanese dramatic series offered as a next-day broadcast overseas. Thanks to this arrangement, viewers in Taiwan will be able to enjoy a new Japanese period drama just one day after viewers in Japan.

In Taiwan, cable television company Videoland Inc. will broadcast Ooku: The Inner Chambers on its channel featuring Japanese programming. After airing first in Japan on October 12 at 22:00, the program will air in Taiwan on October 13 in prime time at 22:00. Prime time in Taiwan begins at 19:00 and ends at 24:00, and Taiwan is one hour behind Japan. At 63.89% as of June 30, 2012, the percentage of households in Taiwan with cable television is high, and Japanese dramatic series are extremely popular there.


Videoland has made extensive preparations for the broadcast of Ooku: The Inner Chambers. The company has visited Japan to report on the filming of the program in the Uzumasa area of Kyoto and has promoted it thoroughly in Taiwan.

Hosted by popular dance and vocal group EXILE and co-produced by TBS and Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc., variety programs EXE and EXILE-DAMASHII were aired in autumn 2010 in Taiwan via terrestrial signal just 2.5 hours after their respective broadcasts in Japan. Building on the success of these same-day broadcasts, TBS is beginning next-day broadcasting in Taiwan of a dramatic series.

Broadcasting Japanese programs overseas soon after they are broadcast in Japan is an effective way to reduce demand for illegal online streaming and downloading of the programs, as well as demand for pirated hard copies. Such "quick-casting" is therefore seen as likely to increase in popularity throughout Asia. Going forward, TBS plans to partner with rights holders and other stakeholders to increase the speed with which programs air overseas after airing in Japan.


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