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Shiro Ito (伊東四朗)

Dr. Mom’s Medical Journal 6

おふくろ先生の診療日記6   어머니 선생님의 진료일기6   看診日記

120 min. x 1 ep.|1 episode

Kayo Otahara, known affectionately as “Dr. Mom”, pours heart and soul into providing medical care to her local community. For roughly two months each summer, the rustic Gifu Prefecture village of Gujohachiman is transformed into a bustling center of activity, swelling to 30 times its normal population during its “Gujo Odori” festival, a folk dance where people clack wooden clogs on the ground in rhythmic cadence, also known as the “clog dance.” Against this bucolic backdrop, a story unfolds between Dr. Mom and a village clog maker’s family working to preserve the town’s tradition. She finds herself unraveling a family in-cident while serving as the only hope for rescuing their suddenly infirm daughter.

Undercover Agent LIZARD

潜入探偵トカゲ   잠입탐정 토카게   偵探蜥蜴

80 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

Tokage (lizard) is an ex-cop from the Metropolitan Police Department's 1st Crime Division who couldn't work well with people, and never opened up to anybody. But he had extraordinary abilities that included a photographic memory and unmatched physical skills enabling him to crack the most difficult cases. For this, he had the respect of his peers and bosses. Until one case that led to a fatal miss: the death of his only partner. Taking responsibility for the tragedy, Tokage quit the force and began working for a private investigator's office as a researcher. But the Metropolitan Police are eager to recruit him back in an effort to raise their arrest rate, and manage to convince him to return as an undercover cop. Assigned to assist him is a young woman from the detective agency who joined for certain unavoidable reasons. But she's not in the least meticulous and smacks of a rich girl upbringing, and yet is obstinately strong-willed and doesn't back down. Together, they form an odd pair - the eccentric big name cop and the tough but cute assistant in an absolutely new kind of detective story.

The Cat Lawyer and the Invisible Man: A Corpse’s Ransom

猫弁   고양이 변호사   貓說

120 min x 2 ep|2 episodes

Despite being celebrated as a brilliant lawyer, Taro Momose is a poor and lonely bachelor who lives in a run-down apartment and has never had a relationship with a woman in all his 40 years. Softhearted to boot, Momose has also become owner of a gaggle of cats that lost their home in a civil pet suit Momose had taken on. As a result, his Shinjuku office is littered with cats. Es-tranged from his mother at a young age, Momose has long dreamed of having a real family, but repeated use of dating services has yielded nothing. His professional motto is to accept all cases and then work to develop its merits and means for resolution. Once all the pieces have been put together, results nobody could have predicted await in this heartfelt mystery series brimming with tears and laughter.

Stepfather Step

ステップファザー・ステップ   스텝 파더 스텝   怪盜繼父

120 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 10 eps|11 episodes

"I" Takaya Kamikawa is a self-avowed thief who earned the moniker "King of Thieves". Receiving some information from his lawyer boss, Yanase, "I" is lining his pockets with ill-gotten wealth that he exacted from local gangsters. Suddenly, the go-it-alone thief finds himself in a crazy situation where he must play the role of father to a set of twins, and is forced to sign a contract with them that he will stop being a thief. Whenever the precociously meddlesome twins cause or get involved in any trouble at school or in the community, it is "I" who is invariably suspected. Can genuine family bonds actually grow out of such fabricated circumstances in this delicious combination mystery and drama for the whole family.

Bad Boy & Good Girl

ヤンキー君とメガネちゃん   건달군과 안경양   不良仔與眼鏡妹

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

Daichi Shinagawa is a bona fide “yankii”, a juvenile delinquent, who attends a prep high school. In fact, his reputation as a supreme tough is so widespread that he can’t walk the street without being challenged to a fight by other would-be thugs, and nobody will come near him at school. He therefore spends his days isolated and alone. Until one day he is befriended by the spectacled class president, Hana Adachi. While she looks like the prototypical serious student, Hana is herself a reformed “yankii” and something of a convivial space case. Daichi soon finds himself unwittingly swept up in her world, helping people with their problems and participating passionately in school events. Together they make for an incomparable duo in this fun and free-spirited high school fable.

Wives Make the World Go Round

地獄の沙汰もヨメ次第   지옥 판가름도 며느리 나름   兒媳能使鬼推磨

65 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

A mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law in completely different positions are bewildered by each other’s different values, confront each other, and understand each other... It is a domestic drama full of “laughter, sympathy, tears, and excitement." The daughter-in-law, who is a “workaholic” career woman and wife, and her mother-in-law, who is a “model full-time housewife,” begin to fight against each other on their values and pride!

A Forever Love

最後の恋   최후의 사랑   最後的愛情

60 min. x 11 eps.|11 episodes

Natsume, a medical student, has fallen in love with Aki, a woman who has turned to prostitution to earn money to pay for her brother’s surgery. Will their love be enough to heal their former lives and bind them together forever? This is a heart-rending tale of true love and transformed lives.

Wedding Story

理想の結婚   이상의 결혼   理想的結婚

60 min. x 10 eps.|10 episodes

Although a couple may enter into a marriage expecting love to conquer all, the reality rarely meets this fantasy. Abandoned by her boyfriend and fired from her job for resisting her supervisor’s advances, Mari meets Tsutomu, who has been jilted by his fiancee. When their commiseration quickly turns to love, their families see only more trouble on the horizon. Is a happy union in store for this star-crossed young couple? Whatever happens, their journey in this romantic comedy is sure to be a hilarious examination of love and marriage.

Double Kitchen

ダブル・キッチン   더블 키친   雙廚房

60 min. x 11 eps.|11 episodes

Double Kitchen is a heartwarming situation comedy about a newlywed couple sharing a house with the husband’s parents in a suburb of Tokyo. Ordinary situations become hilarious cross-generational battlegrounds, as the wife and her mother-in-law pursue vastly different images of the ideal family.

Prep School Boogie

予備校ブギ   재수생 부기   補習班加油!

60 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

This entertaining drama follows the fun-filled adventures of three prep-school students. Struggling with studies has become a thing of the past for these three young men, and they are ready to make the best of their free time in a world where they are no longer looked down on as fools.