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Mari Hamada (濱田マリ)

Ms. Saionji doesn't do Housework

西園寺さんは家事をしない   사이온지 씨는 집안일을 하지 않아   西園寺小姐不做家事

Saionji is a hard-working single woman (38) greatly admired by everyone at her IT company. But one thing she won’t do is housework! Just as she enjoys the freedom of a recently bought dream home and “life without housework,” a handsome young engineer and single father named Kusumi enters her life. When unique circumstances lead to them sharing her home together, an eccentric, fake family dynamic develops, which forces them to confront questions of what constitutes true happiness and family.

Three Dads

3人のパパ   3인의 아빠   3個爸爸大戰小寶

30 min x 10 eps|10 episodes

Takuto, our protagonist, shares a house with his friends from high school – Kyohei and Hajime. He comes home to find a baby sleeping peacefully in the room. When the other two residents also return, they read a letter that has been left on the desk. “This is your baby.” Although they’re not quite sure what to do, the young men begin to feel responsible and they appear to make a decision to raise it together. However…

The three young men – afraid of learning the truth - take on the task of raising a baby in this slapstick comedy drama.

How would react if you suddenly became a father?

Her Granddaughter

娚の一生   남자의 일생   她的孫女

119 min.

Tired of a busy Tokyo career and painful relationships, Tsugumi quits her job and flees to the home of her grandmother in the countryside to restart her life. When the grandmother dies, Tsugumi encounters a college professor named Kaieda, who had borne a long admiration for the grandmother. Kaieda oddly finds himself irrepressibly drawn to Tsugumi and finds his way into moving in with her. Initially, the discrepancy in their ages is discomfiting to Tsugumi, but she gradually finds herself opening up to him. A young woman convinced she could never be happy. And a man in his 50s who had long abandoned thoughts of love or settling down. Here is a mature love story about how two very mismatched lives can come face to face with each other, bringing lessons about life and love.


ハンマーセッション!   헤머 세션   震撼鮮師

78 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 10 eps|11 episodes

"Hammer Session": a Mexican slang term for beating rules and norms into a person's brain. A paddy wagon plummets into the sea allowing the escape of brilliant con artist, Otowa No.4. While on the run, he meets Goro Hachisuka, a rookie school teacher who had tried to burn down the elite prep school where he worked in an attempt to combat some evildoing students. "Human psychology is a surprisingly easy thing to understand," No 4 preaches before deciding to vicariously assume the identity of Goro Hachisuka, and take up the teacher's challenge for himself. No4 sets about putting the problem students straight by turning to his wide arsenal of Draconian con man techniques - "hammer sessions."

It was sudden, like a storm…

それは、突然、嵐のように…   그것은 갑가지 폭풍처럼…   突然像雨又像風

60 min. x 10 eps.|10 episodes

Kozue Ogawa is a housewife and has been married to Hideo for seven years. They don’t have any children but as they live with her parents at their flower shop, everyday is still lively. She is happy with her life and her husband but she wonders if it is enough. From time to time she is gripped by this doubt that she cannot raise with anyone. One rainy day, Kozue meets a young man named Takuma Fukazawa who is a high school student and a dance instructor at the dance studio where she is taking lessons. He seems somehow shrouded in sadness. One day, when it is just the two of them, Takuma curls his hands around Kozue’s body and his dance instruction begins. Their unexpected closeness causes Kozue to hesitate. With her heart pounding, she pushes Takuma’s hands away and runs home. But the throbbing in her chest continues. It can’t be. But what is this feeling?

Jackpot Families 1 & 2

一攫千金夢家族 1、2   일확천금을 꿈꾸는 가족 1, 2   美夢成真家族 系列

Part.1: 30 min. x 30 eps. Part.2: 30 min. x 30 eps.|60 episodes

Haruka is an ordinary, run-of-the-mill homemaker living in a typical suburban neighborhood who has developed a close relationship with two other housewives in the area. Until one of the lottery tickets the housewives purchased together turns out to be a million-dollar winner! It should’ve ended with everyone cashing in their winnings. But money is the commoner’s dream. And the dreams they look to fulfill are indeed surprising. Fortune has a way of wreaking havoc with people’s lives, and once-thought happiness quickly turns to chaos and animosity. This is a bittersweet, laugh-and-cry drama about what money can do to a group of ordinary women and men, all wrapped up in a little black comedy.