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Yasufumi Terawaki (寺脇康文)

Perfect Blue

パーフェクト・ブルー   퍼펙트 블루   藍色恐懼

60 min x 11 eps|11 episodes

A bloodcurdling scream rings out from a warehouse in a bayside district. Flames flicker, reflected in a pair of eyes. A shoe clatters across the ground. The whoosh of fire mixes with the wind. Gazing into the fire is Kayoko Hasumi, an investigator from the all-female Hasumi Detective Agency, and her German Shepherd ex-police dog, Masa, who can understand human speech. The heart-wrenching event that befalls them next serves as the drama’s prologue. 7 years ago, Kayoko’s father, a career newspaperman in the society section committed suicide. But the facts of the suicide remain shrouded in mystery. Kayoko’s mother, Kyoko, has been secretly and singlehandedly investigating her husband’s death ever since… until a certain incident threatens to bring Kayoko and others into the mix, and closer to the truth.


ゴッドハンド輝   갓핸드 테루   神之手TERU

60 min. x 6 eps.|6 episodes

Teru Mahigashi is a young surgical doctor who has just completed his internship training. But when he takes up a post at the Yasuda Memorial Hospital, nicknamed “Valhalla”, he is branded a “screw-up.” Until the day Teru finds himself the only surgeon available as a young critically-injured girl is brought in. Feeling the weight of a life in his hands, Teru vows to never let anyone die on him again, and undergoes a life-altering transformation.

A Summer Proposal

ひと夏のプロポーズ   한 여름의 프로포즈   夏天的求婚

60 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

This is the story of one woman finding her way back into the social scene after losing the “perfect” man she believed would marry her. Getting over her lack of trust in men won’t be easy, but with a lively circle of friends and a youthful, matchmaking mother, her road to receiving the wedding proposal of her dreams is sure to be an interesting one.

Marriageable Age

適齢期   결혼 적령기   適婚期

60 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

When a high-level salary man living in Tokyo becomes responsible for his parents’ house, he decides he must marry one of three eligible women. This drama reflects the contemporary dilemma of marriage during a time when two-thirds of women experience no urgency to marry, and the average newlywed wife is 26 years old.