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Director Name: Yukihiko Tsutsumi (堤幸彦)


SPEC ~天~   SPEC ~천 ( 天)   SPEC ~天

119 min.

A cruiser yacht, with all aboard mummified, is discovered drifting out at sea. Toma and Sebumi suddenly face a series of spec-holders controlled by a mysterious ‘Ninomae’, who turns out to be Toma’s younger brother...except that he’s supposed to be dead. Ninomae tries to enlist Toma among the specs using whom he plans world domination, but she refuses, saying she wants to live a normal life. Cursing Toma for getting him into this, Sebumi nonetheless does his utmost to protect her. Toma’s left arm is in a cast: what is she hiding there?

SPEC~Close~incarnation / SPEC~Close~reincarnation

劇場版SPEC ~結(クローズ)~漸(ゼン)ノ篇/爻(コウ)ノ篇   SPEC ~완결~   SPEC~Close~ (SPEC~結~)

incarnation: 94 min. reincarnation: 91 min.

The much-anticipated sequel to the SPEC series, Close comes to theaters in two parts, "incarnation" and "reincarnation" and promises to deliver an ultimate conclusion to the franchise and all SPEC holders who have appeared, both new and old. The world is divided into those who possess SPEC, and those who do not. The world is beginning to waver, and a period is about to be placed on the history of mankind. A simple plan. Fatima's 3rd prophecy. Solomon's key. All mysteries hitherto unsolved will be revealed! What fate awaits Toma and Sebumi and the whole human race here at the beginning of the end?


包帯クラブ   붕대클럽   繃帶俱樂部

118 min.

Wara is an ordinary high school student. When Wara is playing the bandage on the rooftop of the hospital, an odd young man, Dino, suddenly appears from behind, removes the bandage from Wara’s wrist and wraps it around the railing. “I bandaged your wounded heart. Feel better?” Unexpectedly, Wara feels comforted by his action.
That was the beginning of “THE BANDAGE CLUB.” This is a sweet, miraculous story for everyone including the youth of today and all those who were once teenager.
Played by a young talented actor, Yuya Yagira, the winner of the Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival 2004, and directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi, one of Japan's most prolific filmmakers.