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Man of Destiny 運命の人   운명의 인간   命運之人



Man of Destiny,運命の人,운명의 인간,命運之人

Broadcast Date

2012.1.15 - 2012.3.18

Episode / Duration

10 episodes 114min x 1 ep / 90min x 1 ep / 60min x 8 eps

Scenario Writer

Hiroshi Hashimoto (橋本裕志)


Masahiro Motoki (本木雅弘)
Takako Matsu (松たか子)
Yoko Maki (真木よう子)
Nao Omori (大森南朋)
Kinya Kitaoji (北大路欣也)

A story based on the famous ”Okinawa Secret Pact Scandal” of 1972. In the world of journalism where ideals clash with ambition, an ace political reporter named Yuminari pursues his ideals and convictions to expose a huge scandal surrounding the “return of Okinawa” to Japan from the United States. But Yuminari finds himself up against the massive power of the government with the resources to discredit him for any slip-up or vulnerability. As he struggles to maintain his principles and fortitude, supported by his wife, Yuriko, an extramarital affair he has been having with a Foreign Ministry clerk, Akiko Miki, who leaked him the information. The focus of the scandal shifts to questions of treason and morality. A thrilling depiction of the woeful circumstances of three figures whose work, private lives and pride get manhandled by forces far beyond their control.
오키나와 반환밀약 사건으로 불리는 40년전에 실제로 일어난 사건을 토대로 한 드라마. 이성과 욕망이 뒤엉킨 신 문업계에서 정치부기자 유미나리가 이상과 신념을 안고 오키나와 반환의 배후에 숨겨진 국가권력의 기만을 폭로한 다. 하지만, 권력의 허물을 건드린 유미나리는 아주 작은 일을 계기로 약점을 잡히게 된다. 엄청난 복수세력과 맞 서며 이윽고 일대의 스캔들속으로 휘몰리는 유미나리. 정치기자로서의 신념이 흔들리고 상처받고 갈등하면서도 불 굴의 정신으로 싸우는 유미나리. 신문기자의 아내로 남편을 믿고 살아가지만 여자로서 남편을 의심하는 유리코. 어 느날 일어난 일을 계기로 유미나리에게 특별한 감정을 갖고 사건을 예상치 못한 방향으로 이끄는 외무성사무관 미 키 아키코. 세사람의 고뇌를 주축으로 일과 가족, 상처받은 이들이 운명에 흔들리는 모습을 스릴넘치게 그렸다.
故事是根據大約發生在40年前被稱作“沖繩返還密約事件”的真實案件。在理想和慾望互相爭鬥的報社,身 為政治部的一流記者「弓成」為了堅持理想和信念,決定揭發暗藏在“沖繩返還”背後的國家權利鬥爭。但是 不滿憤怒權力的弓成卻因為一個小小的破綻反而被設計陷害。面對激烈的攻擊,不久弓成成為了世紀醜聞的標 題人物。即使他被歪曲了自己身為政治記者的信念,被流言中傷但還是不屈的掙扎奮戰;身為“新聞記者的妻子” 的「由里子」試著要相信自己的丈夫,但是以一個“女人”的身份她一直是懷疑著他的;同時,擔任外務省事 務官的「三木 昭子」因為某天夜裡發生的事情,對弓成有了特殊的情感也因此將整件事情導向不可預料的發展。 以描寫這三個人物的痛苦為中心,真實的敘述如何因為工作,家庭和自尊被傷害,而被命運捉弄的人生。

100 days ~Love, Marriage, Sickness and Mom~

結婚式の前日に   결혼식 전날에   結婚前夕

75 min × 1 ep / 60 min × 9 eps|10 episodes

Hitomi Serizawa leads a fulfilling professional and private life. What’s more, she will be getting married in 100 days. Plans are progressing smoothly until the unexpected appearance of her mother after an absence of 25 years. A free-spirited woman who lives impulsively and abandoned Hitomi to her stepfather, the mother, Kanako has suddenly decided to re-enter her daughter’s life in time to bask in the attention and respect given to the mother of a bride. Naturally, Hitomi is incensed and galled by the idea. But Hitomi soon finds out that her mother knows her intimately, for she has been corresponding with her mother all her life, believing her to be a childhood friend who moved away. As a result, Kanako knows all of HItomi’s closest-kept secrets, her innermost thoughts, everything about her upcoming marriage and even… that she was recently diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor that may ruin plans for the wedding. Hitomi makes every effort to resist her mother’s unsolicited intrusion into her life, but blood is thicker than water. And so begins the 100-day battle between a mother and daughter. Can it end well?



150 min x 2 eps / 139 min x 2 eps / 125 min x 1 ep|5 episodes

99 years ago, a Japanese man emigrated to the vast expanse of America with hopes of survival and dreams of a brighter future. He and those like him were settlers, 1st generation Japanese-Americans. From them were issued a second generation which grew up bearing little knowledge of, nor devotion to, their parents’ homeland. And yet fate was to deliver them all a cruel blow... as war proceeded to tear them apart along national and generational lines. This is a story about Japanese immigrants who endured the horrors and tragedy of war, overcame deep prejudice and attained their dreams in a new land through love and courage.


コウノドリ   產科醫鴻鳥   고우노도리

75 min × 2 eps / 60 min × 8 eps|10 episodes

Giving birth is not an illness. So naturally, it is not covered by standard medical insurance. People who work in maternity wards don’t treat injuries or cure disease. In fact, a professional doctor, an obstetrician, need not be present at a childbirth. But when complications arise, giving birth can become a life-or-death matter. Sakura Konotori lost his mother at his own birth and, as a result, grew up in an orphanage. Now he works as an obstetrician fueled by a deep love and yearning to “celebrate each and every baby that comes into the world”. But he is also something of a mystery, leading another life as a concert pianist who goes by the nickname “Baby” and plays with a passion that borders on brilliance. A delicate and realistic portrayal about the front lines of childbirth, Storks delivers a heartwarming drama that reflects upon the meaning and miracle of life.

High School Chorus

表参道高校合唱部   오모테산도 고교합창부   表参道高校合唱部

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

Tokyo metropolitan Omotesando Senior High School is lorded over by a group of popular kids dubbed “the first team.” The rest of the student body either fall into the “second team” or lower, “the outsiders.” One day, a transfer student arrives at the school from the remote countryside as an unlikely heroine who “loves to sing!” The high school used to have one of the country’s best choruses, but is now facing the threat of closure. But the story’s heroine is determined to resuscitate the chorus and sets out to recruit new members. Fighting off a storm of ridicule and booing, she gradually begins to win allies to her cause with single-minded passion and hard work. What begins as a ragtag collection of misfits in a dorky glee club crescendos to a refreshing and bittersweet spring-of-youth drama!

Meet Me After School

中学聖日記   첫사랑 일기   中學聖日記

67 min x 11 eps|11 episodes

Fulfilling a long-cherished dream, school teacher Hijiri Matsunaga is hired at a far-flung countryside middle school where she encounters, Akira Kuroiwa, a 9th grader with mysterious powers. Though 10 years younger than his teacher, Akira falls instantly in love with her and single-mindedly pursues her affections. But Hijiri has a devoted finance, Shotaro, with whom she keeps up a long-distance relationship. Aware that she should not reciprocate her student’s feelings for her, Hijiri eventually finds her heart swayed by Akira’s unremitting love and becomes attracted to him. Deeply conflicted between the affections of a pubescent youth and an elite company man, Hijiri’s “forbidden” love triangle engulfs those around her in this “forbidden yet pure” love story between student and pupil.


ダメな私に恋してください   별볼일 없는 나를 사랑해 주세요   請和這個沒用的我談戀愛

75 min × 1 ep / 60 min × 9 eps|10 episodes

Michiko Shibata is single, unattached and unemployed after her previous employer went bankrupt. Failing to land a job, she leads a destitute life surviving mainly on cabbage but craving meat. And she has tapped out financially after lending all of her savings to a handsome young man she pines after.
Her life reaches an all-time low when she reaches for a can of cat food found on the street, but just then, former supervisor, Kurosawa appears and wonders what she’s doing. ”I’m dying for meat,” she wines. So Kurosawa takes her to a coffee shop he runs called “Himawari” (Sunflower) and offers her a part-time job. Michiko hesitates as she remembers the nightmarish life working under this tyrannical man at the last company. But at Himawari, he seems to show a different side. Maybe the fortunes of this sorry woman is about to change.

S: THE LAST POLICEMAN-Recovery of Our Future-

S 最後の警官 Recovery of Our Future   S 최후의 경관 Recovery of Our Future   S 最後的警官 Recovery of Our Future

119 min.

A nation of people seemingly content to go about their business, not thinking too much, but simply trying to lead normal and peaceful lives. And then one day, a bus jacking incident occurs to rouse them from their reverie.
Ex-boxer turned cop, Ichigo Kamikura leads the NPS (National Police Safety Rescue), called “S”, effort to deal with the crisis, but so far, no demands have come from the perpetrator, and a sinking feeling of impending doom sets in among the force. Sure enough, a massive tanker off the Japanese coast in the Pacific is next reported as having been seized! On board is enough nuclear fuel to blow up the entire country.
A final battle begins with the nation’s future and the lives of 120 million at stake.....!

When the Saints Go Marching In

聖者の行進   성자의 행진   聖者的行進

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 10 eps|11 episodes

Exploring the perception and treatment of mentally-challenged youth and their similarities to juvenile delinquents in Japanese society, this drama series follows the trials and tribulations of a group of adolescents in a work/study program for mentally-challenged teenagers. Although the program’s intention is to gently “normalize” them for introduction in society, the group is subject to constant physical and mental abuse unbeknownst to their parents and teacher, Ms Hagawa. However, the friendship between Towa, a naive but unusually articulate member of the program, and Arisu, a rebellious schoolgirl, helps both of them learn to overcome their troubles. Features a star-studded cast of current popular youth idols.


ヤメゴク〜ヤクザやめてもらいます〜   야메고쿠 ~야쿠자 그만두겠습니다~   脫黑~不再當黑社會~

78 min x 1 ep / 70 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 8 eps|10 episodes

Inside the Metropolitan Police’s Organized Crime Task Force, a help line has been set up to assist repentant organized criminals in their effort to permanently cut ties with their syndicate. Dubbed the “Going straight hotline”, it is spearheaded by a fearless female police officer Bakushu Nagamitsu, played by former AKB48 member Yuko Oshima, who stands ready to crush anyone threatening those under her protective custody no matter how powerful that threat may be. Depicting the struggles and maturation of Bakushu and those around her, “Yamegoku” is a groundbreaking police drama with great heart and soul not seen since “SPEC” and “Keizoku”.

You're Not Alone

ひとりぼっちの君に   홀로인 너에게   不讓你孤單

60 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

His mother having left him, nine year-old Yuudai is forced to live alone and steal from a local convenience store to survive. Pursuing the wily thief to get back the stolen merchandise is the first act on the job for newly-arrived Shintaro, manager of the convenience store. Shintaro soon learns of Yuudai’s predicament however, and decides to take him in. Becoming his new family, Shintaro and his assistant, Satomi, soon discover that caring for a young boy who has such a troubled past and who is accustomed to fending for himself may be more than they can handle.