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Young Black Jack ヤング ブラック・ジャック   영 블랙 잭   年輕的怪醫黑傑克



Young Black Jack,ヤング ブラック・ジャック,영 블랙 잭,年輕的怪醫黑傑克
(c)ヤング ブラック・ジャック製作委員会
Young Black Jack,ヤング ブラック・ジャック,영 블랙 잭,年輕的怪醫黑傑克
(c)ヤング ブラック・ジャック製作委員会
Young Black Jack,ヤング ブラック・ジャック,영 블랙 잭,年輕的怪醫黑傑克
(c)ヤング ブラック・ジャック製作委員会

Broadcast Date

2015.10.2 - 2015.12.18

Episode / Duration

12 episodes 30 min. x 12 eps.


Mitsuko Kase (加瀬充子)

Scenario Writer

Yoshiaki Tabata (田畑由秋)


Yuichiro Umehara (梅原裕一郎)
Koji Yusa (遊佐浩二)
Shizuka Ito (伊藤静)

The year is 1968, and the world is swept up in the Vietnam War and student protests. In this time of turmoil, a mysterious young man with white and black hair and a scar on his face is enrolled in medical school. His genius skills with a surgical knife achieve many a medical miracle and are getting noticed. This hero origin story reveals how this young man earned his medical degree and the name of Black Jack.
1968년. 베트남전쟁이 일어나고 학생운동이 극심하던때 어느 대학 의학부에는 한명의 기이한 남자가 있었다. 반백의 머리, 전신에는 무수한 흉터자국, 상처끝을 경계로 피부색이 다른 얼굴. 의사면허를 취득하기 위해 면학에 몰두하는 청년의 이름은 하자마 쿠로오. 천재적인 실력으로 수많은 기적을 일으키는 그가 바로 후일의 블랙 잭이다.
은사인 혼마 죠타로를 동경하여 성실한 의사가 되고자 했던 쿠로오였지만 무면허 의사가 되어 막대한 의료비를 요구하게 된 이유가 여기서 밝혀진다.
時代是1968年,當越南戰爭爆發,興起一股學生運動風氣中, 一名奇妙的男子也身在其中。有著半黑半白的頭髮和因為全身上下無數的傷和痕疤而使得臉部顏色分成兩個顏色的他,為了要考到醫師執照而努力地讀書。 這位勤勉讀書的青年的名字是,間 黑男。他也是憑著天才的手腕,創造出無數次醫學的奇蹟。而這位青年也就是後來家喻戶曉的黑傑克。
夢想著能成為像恩師,本間丈太郎一樣優秀的醫生的間 黑男,這中間究竟是發生了什麼事情讓這位原本上進有為的青年變成要求高額醫療費的密醫呢?在這部年輕的怪醫黑傑克裡,即將揭曉這背後的秘密。


恋はつづくよどこまでも   사랑은 계속 될거야, 언제까지나   戀愛可以持續到天長地久

75 min × 2eps / 60 min × 8eps|Eps 10

A 23-year-old rookie nurse falls hard for a doctor she’s long admired while experiencing the triumphs and tragedy of working on the front line of emergency medical care in a story offering hope for tomorrow. As a high school student, Nanase Sakura witnessed the miracle of Doctor Tendo saving a life, and has been enamored with him ever since. Inspired to become a nurse in hopes of meeting Tendo, she finally fulfills her dream only to learn that he is nicknamed “the Devil” and is super sadistic. Nevertheless, Nanase relentlessly expresses honest feelings toward him, which eventually begin to melt his iron-encased heart in this heartwarming, romantic comedy.

Castle Town Dandelion

城下町のダンデライオン   성 아랫마을의 단델리온   城下町的蒲公英

30 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

Akane, a princess with the power to control gravity, competes against her eight super powered siblings for a spot on the throne. The catch? Each would-be ruler will be monitored 24/7 by hundreds of video cameras that broadcast their every move nationwide. As the royal siblings live their lives, their subjects will watch and eventually vote for a winner. But with privacy out the window, will the camera-shy Akane be able to keep her cool?


だがしかし   다가시카시   粗點心戰爭

30 min. × 12 eps.|12 episodes

Shikada dreams of becoming a famous manga artist. The only problem—he’s terrible. His real talent is selling the complex and delicious snacks in his father’s “dagashi” shop. He never thought much about the family business until the trendy, eccentric Hotaru showed up. As a lover of “dagashi,” she can’t let his talent go to waste and decides she won’t stop ‘til she’s sold him on sweets.


コウノドリ   產科醫鴻鳥   고우노도리

75 min × 2 eps / 60 min × 8 eps|10 episodes

Giving birth is not an illness. So naturally, it is not covered by standard medical insurance. People who work in maternity wards don’t treat injuries or cure disease. In fact, a professional doctor, an obstetrician, need not be present at a childbirth. But when complications arise, giving birth can become a life-or-death matter. Sakura Konotori lost his mother at his own birth and, as a result, grew up in an orphanage. Now he works as an obstetrician fueled by a deep love and yearning to “celebrate each and every baby that comes into the world”. But he is also something of a mystery, leading another life as a concert pianist who goes by the nickname “Baby” and plays with a passion that borders on brilliance. A delicate and realistic portrayal about the front lines of childbirth, Storks delivers a heartwarming drama that reflects upon the meaning and miracle of life.

Last Minute Doctor!

駆け込みドクター!運命を変える健康診断   의학 버라이어티 ~카케코미 닥터   出巡醫生

35 eps 60 & 120 min series|35 eps

This program examines from a physician’s standpoint little health signs that crop up, and what happens if left unchecked, taking a positive and proactive approach to learning about the human body in hopes of enabling all of us to live our next decades as the picture of health.


ファンタシースターオンライン2 ジ アニメーション   판타지 스타 온라인 2 디 애니메이션   夢幻之星Online2 動畫版

30 min. × 12 eps.|12 episodes

Based on the hit MMORPG, this action-adventure series follows Itsuki Tachibana, a player of Phantasy Star Online 2, and the challenges he faces both in and outside of the game.

Samurai Harem

明日のよいち!   내일의 요이치!   明日的與一!

30 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

Yoichi has been raised in the mountains by his samurai father, and now has great athletic skill and swordsmanship. One day, his father tells Yoichi that staying with him would not further increase his skills, and so it is decided that to grow stronger in body and mind he is to move to the city. Entering an affiliated dojo in the city, Yoichi is pleased to find that four sisters live at the dojo: Ibuki, Ayame, Chihaya and Kagome. Seeing the big city and girls for the first time has got Yoichi all turned around! On top of that he’s got to deal with bullies at school and assassins out to get him. With all these distractions will Yoichi ever get around to his studies to become a great samurai?

Shonen Maid

少年メイド   소년 메이드   少年女僕

30 min. × 13 eps.|13 episodes

After the loss of his mother, Chihiro is left alone.With no family left, he has to find a way to move on. Things aren’t looking good until a chance encounter with the young and handsome Madoka – who turns out to be his walthy uncle! Madoka offers him his home and all Chihiro has to do is clean up after the messy, irresponsible man. The problem? This job requires a uniform – a maid outfit!


アンナチュラル   언내추럴   非自然 法醫女王

75 min × 1 ep / 70 min × 1 ep / 60 min × 8 eps|10 episodes

A story-a-week episodic medical mystery that treats the theme of reality changing when faced with imminent death. Mystery and exhilarating human drama unfold against the backdrop of the “unnatural death institute”, or “UDI”. For example, the body of a young man is brought into the UDI lab one day; his cause of death attributed to ischemic heart disease in which blood fails to be conveyed to the heart. But the victim’s parents are puzzled by the freak nature of their son’s death and turn to medical coroner Mikoto, to find out why. Together with her lab technician partner, Yuko Shoji, and rookie medical recorder, Rokuro, they examine the body for a possible drug poisoning, and then learn that another female colleague of the deceased man has just died suddenly.



Series.1: 30 min. x 24 eps. Series.2: 30 min. x 13 eps.|37 episodes

Watanuki, a young man who is plagued by spirits which only he can see, literally stumbles into a shop that grants wishes. It is run by a mysterious woman named Yuko who claims to have a means to end his torment. But a price equal to the power required to grant the wish must be paid, and Watanuki soon finds himself in her employ, taking him down a road in life he never dreamed he would take!