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Kuranosuke Sasaki (佐々木蔵之介)


コウノドリ   고우노도리   產科醫鴻鳥

75 min × 2 eps / 60 min × 9 eps|11 episodes

Dr.STOЯKS returns after its immensely popular first season ended in October, 2015. Treating new thematic questions of “What is birth?” “What is life?”. Two years have elapsed since the previous series with Dr. Sakura Konotori and the staffs around him having helped families bring a lot of newborn life into the world. Episode 1 sees Dr. Sakura, returning to the Persona General Medical Center from a remote Japanese island, diagnose an expectant mother named Mana who is deaf. Prior to her giving birth, however, she reveals a major concern that she has, and so resumes another round of miraculous medical, human drama.

Honcho (S1-6)

ハンチョウ 1-6   반장 시즌 1-6   警視廳安積班 1-6

1: 60 min x 15 eps / 2: 60 min. x 11 eps 3: 60 min x 12 eps / 4: 60 min. x 12 eps 5: 60 min x 12 eps / 6: 60 min. x 10 eps|72 episodes

The wildly popular Honcho series returns to television for a 6th season! This time, the setting moves to the foot of Tokyo’s newest landmark, the Sky Tree tower, in the Oshiage district. There, a new police station has been established, Japan’s first “branch station” of an existing precinct, aiming at a leaner operation free of organizational red tape. The “branch station” promises to serve as a neutral mediator between the main precinct office and neighborhood police boxes and is manned by four detectives, namely, the Azumi unit that so successfully foiled a major terrorist plot through outstanding teamwork six months ago. No sooner is the new branch launched when a tour bus around circling the Sky Tree is hijacked, throwing the Azumi team into the fray with a new slew of crimes in fresh stomping grounds.

A “NEET” Romance: How to Restart Love

恋愛ニート 〜忘れた恋のはじめ方   연애 니트~잊어버린 사랑을 시작하는 방법   戀愛尼特族~被遺忘的戀愛法則

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

Following the death of her parents, 32-year-old Rin takes a job in the sales promotion section of a publishing house in order to earn enough to support her younger sister and brother. But she’s earned a reputation from colleagues both above and below as the “hard to handle type” due to a strong-willed nature. But when Rin attends the “divorce ceremony” of a close friend she meets a dentist, a food company researcher and a part-time temp worker (“freeter”) . And soon, all three of are wooing her. The only problem is, Rin, now into her 8th year of abstinence from romance has forgotten how to pursue a relationship. So too, however, have the three men. They are so-called romance NEETS; not currently engaged, educated or trained… in love. And to grow, everyone needs a little love.


アフタースクール   애프터 스쿨   放學後

102 min.

Jinno, a good-natured teacher working for the junior high school, is visited by a suspicious detective who claims to be Jinno’s former classmate. The detective is looking for a former classmate of Jinno’s, Kimura, who now works for a first-class company. Although a little reluctant, Jinno ends up helping the detective with his search for Kimura. The unsuspecting man and the dark-side seeking man - this odd pair, in their effort to find Kimura, cannot hit it off together but discover clue after clue to finding Kimura.
Finally they reach a certain truth. . . but it is not that easy. An unexpected surprise situation that may reverse all they have believed is waiting.
A long-awaited new film directed by Kenji Uchida, who won four awards for his film “A Stranger of Mine” in the Cannes Film Festival International Critics’ Week in 2005!

Lonely in Bed Tonight

今夜ひとりのベッドで   혼자 외로운 밤   今晚的單人床

60 min. x 10 eps.|10 episodes

Akiyuki Tomonaga and his wife Yu have been married seven years. Akiyuki is a graphic designer, and is quite happy in his work and private life. One day, he attends the wedding of his younger half-brother Ryo Ichinose. However, Ryo runs off with a young woman who appears at the wedding, leaving the bride Jumonji Azusa at the altar. Akiyuki bows his head and apologizes to Jumonji, and this is the prelude to a growing intimacy between them. Is it love, or is Jumonji after revenge? And what do Yu and Ryo think as they become aware of this relationship? Akiyuki and Yu, it seems, are headed for divorce. Further complications arise for Akiyuki and Yu when Akiyuki’s close friend Shunsuke and lawyer Reiko, advising on divorce, get involved. With a theme of loneliness, this deftly woven drama portrays adult love affairs that leave the viewer guessing who will end up with whom.

The Tragedy of M

Mの悲劇   M의 비극   M的悲劇

75 min. x 1 ep. / 60 min. x 9 eps.|10 episodes

Ever since his boyhood experience with a burglar in his house, Mamoru has made security a major theme in his life. Joining a security firm, gaining early promotion and his engagement to the daughter of the company director has brought him a very happy point in his life. But on the way to a business meeting, he meets Misa, a woman dressed in mourning, who seems to bear a deep grudge against him although he has no idea who she is. From that moment on, Mamoru’s life begins to collapse around him.

My Ex

元カレ   옛남자친구   前男友

65 min. x 2 eps. / 60 min. x 8 eps.|10 episodes

Toji, a manager of a food section in a medium-sized department store, has to put up with a tough boss that makes every day a real struggle. But things start to look up for him though when he meets a pretty elevator girl named Nao. Just as he is starting to enjoy a new-found happiness at work, a new account manager from an advertising agency visits Toji’s division, and it is none other than Toji’s ex-girlfriend from university, Makoto. Toji is surprised to see her again but Makoto treats him as if she has never met him before. Now dealing with a tough job and caught in the middle of a jealous Nao and Makoto who dumped him, things couldn’t get much worse for Toji!

Half Doc

ハンドク!!!   연수의 !!!   半個醫生

75 min. x 1 ep. / 60 min. x 9 eps.|10 episodes

As a former gang member, Ichiban was witness to the worst side of the emergency medical system and vowed to become a doctor to change it. With the aggressive passion he learned on the streets, Ichiban has worked his way to becoming a no-nonsense emergency medicine resident. But it is this same passion that he must learn to control when confronted with a situation that is beyond his help.

Love Story

ラブストーリー   러브 스토리   愛情故事

90 min. x 2 eps. / 60 min. x 9 eps.|11 episodes

Sudo Misaki, an editor with misgivings about her professional and private life, is assigned to Nagase Koh, a popular romance novelist who has been in a two-year slump. Despite his profession, Nagase has never experienced true romance and becomes quite uncomfortable at the prospect. However, these two find themselves curiously drawn to each other and begin writing their own love story.