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SIX FOUR: Part 1 / SIX FOUR Part 2
ロクヨン - 前編/後編
64 쇼와 육십사년
64 昭和六十四年



SIX FOUR: Part 1 / SIX FOUR Part 2,ロクヨン - 前編/後編,64 쇼와 육십사년,64 昭和六十四年

(c)2016 64 Film Production Committee

  • Yukiyoshi Ozawa

  • Daikichi Sugawara

  • Tasuku Emoto

  • Synopsis
    In 2002, a kidnapping has eerie parallels with ‘six-four’, an unsolved case from 1989 on which the Statute of Limitations looms one year hence.
    The year 1989 began in Japan as ‘Showa 64’, the 64th year of the reign of the Showa Emperor Hirohito. With his death on January 8th, a new era began, and 1989 became ‘Heisei 1’.
    On January 5th, a young girl is kidnapped. The kidnapper escapes with 20 million yen, but the girl is found murdered. Now, 14 years later, her father, a few aging police investigators, and the kidnapper himself still live in that week, in the case they have called ‘six-four’.
    Former Detective Mikami has been moved from Investigations to the Administrative side of the Gunma Prefectural Police, where as Chief PR Officer he battles a recalcitrant press corps, Administration bureaucrats concerned only with the machinations of the National Police Agency in Tokyo, and his ex-colleagues suspicious of him and resentful of Tokyo’s attempts to assert control over the way they do their jobs. As the 15-year Statute of Limitations looms over the ‘6-4’ investigation, Tokyo is about to usurp the right to appoint Gunma’s Chief of Detectives. But now another girl has gone missing...

    불과 7일만에 막을 내린 쇼와 64년(1989년). 그 짧은 기간중에 일어난 소녀유괴살인사건, 일명 「64」
    미해결상태로 세월은 흘러 시효까지 1년을 남긴 어느 날, 「64」를모방한 유괴사건이 발생한다. 쇼와천왕이 사망하고 불과 7일만에 끝난 쇼와의 마지막 해, 쇼와 64년. 그 해에 일어난 소녀유괴사건은 형사부내에서 「64」로 불리며 미해결 사건이라는 경찰최대의 오점으로 14년이란 세월이 흘러 시효가 다가오고 있었다.
    헤이세이 14년(2002년). 예전 형사부에서 「64」 수사를 담당했던형사 미카미. 지금은 경무부 홍보실에서 홍보관으로 근무중이다. 기자들과의 불화, 상사와의 다툼, 형사부와 경무부의 대립이 이어지던중에 64를 그대로 모방한 새로운 유괴사건이 발생한다. 형사부와 경무부,미해결의 64와 새로운 유괴사건, 그리고 행방불명되는 외동딸. 거친 파도처럼 이어지는 놀라운 일들이 점점 미카미를 덮쳐온다.


    Takahisa Zeze (瀬々敬久)
    Scenario Writer
    Shinichi Hisamatsu (久松真一)
    Part 1: 121 min.
    Part 2: 119 min.
    Broadcast Date
    Japan Release
    Part 1: May 7, 2016
    Part 2: June 11, 2016

    Original Novel: Hideo Yokoyama "SIX FOUR" (横山秀夫『64(ロクヨン)』
    Official site (Japanese)

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