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Girlish Number
ガーリッシュ ナンバー
걸리쉬 넘버



(c)ProjectGN/Girlish Number Production Committee

University student Chitose Karasuma dives into the voice acting industry full of dreams, hope, and ambition - but what is the reality that awaits her? Young women with wildly different personalities and backgrounds find themselves friends and competitors at the same time, but may need to join together to find the fame and fortune they all crave in this entertaining look into the voice acting industry featuring a number of original pop songs.

여대생 가라스마 치토세가 꿈, 희망, 야심을 품고 발을 내디딘 성우의 길. 그곳에서 본것은 이상한 일들로 가득찬 업계의 혹독한 현실이었다. 와타리 와타루와 큐피 플랩퍼가 함께 한 아이돌 성우 이야기.

烏丸千歳是個懷抱夢想,希望和極大野心想要成為聲優的女大生。但她所要面對的卻是極為殘酷的業界! 這是一部由著名輕小說作家-渡航的原著和繪師雙人組QP:flapper負責角色原案與彩色插畫的合作作品,來為觀眾呈現聲優偶像背後努力工作的故事。

30 min. × 12 eps.
12 episodes
Official Site (Japanese)

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