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K-ON! けいおん!   케이온   K-ON! 輕音部



K-ON!,けいおん!,케이온 K-ON!,輕音部
(c) kakifly・Houbunsha/Sakura High Band

Broadcast Date

Series 1: 2009.4.2 - 2009.6.25
Series 2: 2010.4.6 - 2010.9.28

Episode / Duration

41 episodes Series.1: 30 min. x 14 eps.
Series.2: 30 min. x 27 eps.

Four high school girls join the Light Music Club to save it from being abolished when all of its members graduate. Although most of them don’t have much experience playing a musical instrument, they all decide to give it a shot. Yui, who originally misread the club name and joined thinking it was something else, decides to stay and take up the electric guitar. Ritsu is the president of the club and plays the drums because they are “cool.” Mio, the smart but shy one, is the base guitarist of the band. Gentle child of affluence, Tsumugi, plays the keyboards since she has experience winning piano contests. In their sophomore year, the wide-eyed freshman Azusa lends her considerable guitar skills to finally form the five member band, After School Tea Time. Now they just need to stop having tea parties and get busy practicing... as if!
부원전원이 졸업해버린 경음악부는 새롭게 4 명의 부원을 모으지 못하면 경음악부가 없어지게 될 상황이었다 . 신입 생 히라사와 유이는 착각으로 경음악부에 들어가게 되고 , 악보도 읽지 못하는 유이는 기타를 , 먼저 입단한 다이나카 리쓰는 드럼을 , 부끄러움을 잘 타는 아키야마 미오는 베이 스를 , 조용한 성격의 고토부키 쓰무기는 키보드를 담당하 게 된다 . 이들은 함께 합숙 , 축제 , 크리스마스등 즐거운 학교생활을 보낸다 . 2 학년이 되고 새롭게 기타를 담당하 는 나카노 아즈사를 맞이하면서 「방과후 티타임」이라는 밴드를 구성해 학교축제에서 대성공을 거둔다 . 드디어 이 들은 3 학년 봄을 맞이한다 . 「방과후 티타임」의 활약을 기대하시라 !
春天,新學年的開始。櫻丘高中「輕音部」,因原有的部員全部畢業離校而如果無法如期招募到至少4位新成員則即將被宣布廢部。此時,新生的平沢 唯因誤解了「輕音部」的原意而不小心加入了這社團。於是集結了,連樂譜都不會看的唯為吉他手,同樣是新生的田井中 律擔任鼓手也同時是社團的部長,膽子很小個性害羞的秋山 澪擔任貝斯手,加上氣質非凡的琴吹 紬擔任電子琴手。他們大多的時間都集合在社團的房間裡練習,為了集訓、校慶和聖誕節等表演過著充實忙碌的生活。在升上了二年級之後,更迎接了處世嚴謹的新入部員中野 梓擔任吉他手,5人樂團以「放學後的下午茶」為名在輕音部的學園祭中轟動全校深獲肯定。很快的, 是他們升上3年級的春天了...。「放學後的下午茶」會如何重組、這5個人又會怎麼成長?敬請期待 !

Brass Dreams

仰げば尊し   우러러보니 존귀한   仰望師恩

85 min × 1 ep / 75 min × 1 ep / 60 min × 6 eps|8 episodes

It is called “The Musical Koshien”, the All-Japan Wind & Brass Band High School Championship. Regional rounds begin across the country every July, gradually narrowing a field of over 3,000 high school bands to just about a dozen for the finals. Amid the event’s long history, one public school is legendary for having risen from complete anonymity to national champion. In 1983, Kanagawa Prefectural Noba High School was a rough and tumble, low-rated school with a music room littered with cigarette butts and an inactive brass band club made up of hopeless slackers. But in the short span of 2 years, one man turned them around and made them national heroes. Based on a true story about a teacher named Nakazawa who spent 10 years guiding students to glory while battling cancer, this inspiring drama depicts two years in the life of a broken down musician (Koichi Hikuma), searching for meaning after suffering an accident that forced him out of a musical career, and the turnaround he orchestrates for himself and for the lives of his problematic students.

Castle Town Dandelion

城下町のダンデライオン   성 아랫마을의 단델리온   城下町的蒲公英

30 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

Akane, a princess with the power to control gravity, competes against her eight super powered siblings for a spot on the throne. The catch? Each would-be ruler will be monitored 24/7 by hundreds of video cameras that broadcast their every move nationwide. As the royal siblings live their lives, their subjects will watch and eventually vote for a winner. But with privacy out the window, will the camera-shy Akane be able to keep her cool?

High School Chorus

表参道高校合唱部   오모테산도 고교합창부   表参道高校合唱部

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

Tokyo metropolitan Omotesando Senior High School is lorded over by a group of popular kids dubbed “the first team.” The rest of the student body either fall into the “second team” or lower, “the outsiders.” One day, a transfer student arrives at the school from the remote countryside as an unlikely heroine who “loves to sing!” The high school used to have one of the country’s best choruses, but is now facing the threat of closure. But the story’s heroine is determined to resuscitate the chorus and sets out to recruit new members. Fighting off a storm of ridicule and booing, she gradually begins to win allies to her cause with single-minded passion and hard work. What begins as a ragtag collection of misfits in a dorky glee club crescendos to a refreshing and bittersweet spring-of-youth drama!

It's not that I can't marry. I don't marry.

私結婚できないんじゃなくて、しないんです   전 결혼을 못하는게 아니라 안하는 겁니다   我不是無法結婚,我是不婚

75 min × 1eps / 60 min × 9eps|10 episodes

People are increasingly choosing to marry later in life, or not at all. In Japan today, one in five men and women over 39 remain single. Miyabi is a beautiful, successful dermatologist leading a fulfilling life as a single, free and powerful woman. Although 39, she believes she can marry anytime, if so inclined. That is, until she learns from a straight talking tavern owner and romance specialist that her looks, career and age actually put her at the bottom of the marrying totem. Incensed by his claim, Miyabi sets out to prove him wrong, only to discover to her horror that he's right. If she wants to find a life partner, she's going to have to swallow her pride and play by some crazy rules.
Modern romance and the plight of the working woman are scrutinized in this stylish yet real romantic comedy.

Lance N' Masques

ランス・アンド・マスクス   랜스 앤 마스크   槍的假面舞會

30 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

This battle action series revolves around Youtarou, a young man who is part of the last remaining order of knights in the 21st century, called “Knights of the World.” As he fights as the mysterious Knight Lancer, he must hide his identity behind a mask.


ファンタシースターオンライン2 ジ アニメーション   판타지 스타 온라인 2 디 애니메이션   夢幻之星Online2 動畫版

30 min. × 12 eps.|12 episodes

Based on the hit MMORPG, this action-adventure series follows Itsuki Tachibana, a player of Phantasy Star Online 2, and the challenges he faces both in and outside of the game.


ダメな私に恋してください   별볼일 없는 나를 사랑해 주세요   請和這個沒用的我談戀愛

75 min × 1 ep / 60 min × 9 eps|10 episodes

Michiko Shibata is single, unattached and unemployed after her previous employer went bankrupt. Failing to land a job, she leads a destitute life surviving mainly on cabbage but craving meat. And she has tapped out financially after lending all of her savings to a handsome young man she pines after.
Her life reaches an all-time low when she reaches for a can of cat food found on the street, but just then, former supervisor, Kurosawa appears and wonders what she’s doing. ”I’m dying for meat,” she wines. So Kurosawa takes her to a coffee shop he runs called “Himawari” (Sunflower) and offers her a part-time job. Michiko hesitates as she remembers the nightmarish life working under this tyrannical man at the last company. But at Himawari, he seems to show a different side. Maybe the fortunes of this sorry woman is about to change.

Takeshi's Castle

風雲!たけし城   풍운! 다케시 성   風雲~百戰百勝

60 min × 127 eps|Eps 127

The legendary audience participation variety program that took the entire world by storm! Laugh and cheer along with average citizens as they face a slew of challenging games!



Series.1: 30 min. x 24 eps. Series.2: 30 min. x 13 eps.|37 episodes

Watanuki, a young man who is plagued by spirits which only he can see, literally stumbles into a shop that grants wishes. It is run by a mysterious woman named Yuko who claims to have a means to end his torment. But a price equal to the power required to grant the wish must be paid, and Watanuki soon finds himself in her employ, taking him down a road in life he never dreamed he would take!


ヤメゴク〜ヤクザやめてもらいます〜   야메고쿠 ~야쿠자 그만두겠습니다~   脫黑~不再當黑社會~

78 min x 1 ep / 70 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 8 eps|10 episodes

Inside the Metropolitan Police’s Organized Crime Task Force, a help line has been set up to assist repentant organized criminals in their effort to permanently cut ties with their syndicate. Dubbed the “Going straight hotline”, it is spearheaded by a fearless female police officer Bakushu Nagamitsu, played by former AKB48 member Yuko Oshima, who stands ready to crush anyone threatening those under her protective custody no matter how powerful that threat may be. Depicting the struggles and maturation of Bakushu and those around her, “Yamegoku” is a groundbreaking police drama with great heart and soul not seen since “SPEC” and “Keizoku”.