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The Demon Girl Next Door
길모퉁이 마족




One morning, a sealed demonic power awakens in 15-year-old Yuko Yoshida. Her mission? To defeat the “Magic Girl” who lives in her town. Yuko has grown a tail and horns, but her powers fall short of a normal girl’s, and she struggles to lift the curse of having to live off 40,000 yen per month.
To fulfill her destiny of defeating the shrine maiden of the Light Clan, she challenges Momo. However, she hasn’t become any stronger despite being in the Demon Clan, and her lack of experience results in her losing. After the duel, she becomes friends with Momo for some reason and ends up receiving her help on many occasions. Though she’s strict when it comes to money, Yuko is so nice that she could never hurt anyone—quite ironic for a member of the Demon Clan. Her kind heart wins the trust of people around her, and she works hard to repay Momo for her help and to become a respectable Demon Clan member.

30 min.
12 episodes
Broadcast Date
Broadcast Date: 2019.07.11

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