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Toilet-bound Hanako-kun

地縛少年花子くん   지박 소년 하나코군   地縛少年花子君

30 min. × 12 episodes

Story: There’s a strange rumor going around school. In the third-floor women’s room of the old school building, there exists a “Hanako-san” in the third stall, and those who summon her will have any wish granted. The heroine, Nene Yashiro, is a girl who loves superstition and the occult. She wishes to be with an upperclassman she has a crush on, so she tries her hand at one of the school’s seven great mysteries and summons Hanako-kun but is cursed and turned into a fish. In order to undo her curse, Nene strikes a deal with the toilet-bound Hanako-kun. She becomes his assistant and solves mysterious incidents around school.

Stolen Identity

スマホを落としただけなのに   스마트폰을 떨어뜨렸을 뿐인데   雖然只是弄丟了手機

116 min

One day, Asami calls her boyfriend and hears unfamiliar male voice on the other end. The man informs her that he found the lost smartphone and makes arrangements to return it to Asami. It safely reaches her, and she gives it back to her boyfriend. But she has no idea that the man, a serial killer, has hacked the smartphone and stolen all its data.

Original Novel: Akira Shiga ”Stolen Identity"


死幣   사폐   死幣

30 min × 10 eps|10 episodes

College student and Economics major, Yuka Minami (19) suddenly learns of the freakish death of her friend, Ikumi, on whose corpse were found reams of 10,000-yen bills. The eyes of Yukichi Fukuzawa, the face on the 10,000-yen note, had all been darkened black. When the bodies of 5 more men and women around Ikumi turn up in the same manner, rumors spread of a “death cash” curse. Frantic over this rash of inexplicable deaths in her immediate surroundings, Yuka one day hits upon a certain “rule” she believes might combat the workings of these fatal deaths. Horror and suspense surround her in this visceral depiction of modern society’s biggest and most terrifying subject: money.

Tales of Terror - Grotesque The Triple Mirror / The Japanese Doll / O-sayo / The Red Person

怪談新耳袋 異形 部屋替え/和人形/おさよ/赤いひと   괴담신이대 이형(異形)   怪談新耳袋 異形

92 min.

"The Triple Mirror"
A house in a residential area. Deciding to rearrange the furniture, Momoka’s attention is taken by a triple mirror there. That night she is awoken by a moaning sound. The door of the room, reflected in the mirror, opens of its own accord to reveal an old woman with a knife. Momoka retreats, but what will happen now?

"The Japanese Doll"
Misaki, Shiori, Momoka, Mana, Airi and Haruka toast Shiori’s debut as a pop idol singer with PET-bottle drinks. The girls have gathered in an abandoned building which has special meaning for them, but before that a weird Japanese doll has quickly left the place. That night the doll, which it turns out Misaki had mistreated, attackes her.

Shiori goes up into the mountains for a photo shoot to accompany her upcoming debut as a singer. At the old Japanese inn where she is staying, she senses a weird presence, and cannot go to sleep. There comes the voice of a weeping woman begging for help, and a muddy hand crawling towards her from out of the dark.

"The Red Person"
One Sunday afternoon Airi, absorbed in making a strawberry cake, gets a call from her younger sister Haruka. Shortly after, her doorbell rings. She looks out through the peephole and sees a vague mass of red, in human form. Scream though she may, the “red person” invades her apartment, coming closer and closer.

King's Game

王様ゲーム   왕 게임   國王遊戲

82 min.

‘Obey the King’s commands!’
One night, Chieko Honda and her childhood friend Nobuaki Kanazawa get a text. The sender is ‘The King’, and the subject is ‘King’s Game’. If the King’s command is not carried out within 24 hours, punishment will follow. Thinking this is all in fun, the students carry out the orders, which then begin to escalate. Two classmates who do not do as they have been told are punished. Then classmates begin to disappear. What does the ‘King’ really want?

The Wallflower

ヤマトナデシコ七変化   엽기소녀 스나코   完美小姐進化論

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 9 eps|10 episodes

“If you can turn my niece, Sunako, into a real lady, you can live rent free.” The perennially broke Kyohei and his pretty-faced roommates have just been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and they’re not going to squander it. But they’re in for a surprise when they meet Sunako, a horror film freak who hides behind her bad hair, in an uncontrollable romantic comedy that will chill your spine, tickle your funny bone and tug at your heartstrings.

Kai-Ki: Tales of Terror from Tokyo

怪談新耳袋 怪奇   괴담신이대(극장판)   怪談新耳袋 怪奇

115 min.

Based on the hit TV series Shin Mimi-Bukuro (Tales of Terror) and written by ghost story master Ryuta Miyake (The Grudge: Old Lady in White), KAI-KI: TWO STRANGE TALES features a pair of films in one bone-chilling movie that guarantees you’ll never go to sleep with the lights off again!
In Tsukimono: The Possessed, a bizarre but seemingly harmless hiccupping infection takes hold of a local college class; transforming them one by one into enraged, murderous monsters.
In Nozomi: A young girl finds herself haunted by a ghost that may hold the key to a long-buried family secret.

Tales of Terror "Recollection"

怪談新耳袋「記憶」   괴담신이대 「기억」   怪談新耳袋「記憶」

60 min x 1 ep|1 episode

After working their part-time jobs at a family restaurant, Shingo, Satoru and Yoshinori decide to visit a noted haunted spot. Convinced that they experienced something supernatural, they are returning home from the spot in a car when Yoshinori suddenly gets swallowed up by the backseat and simply vanishes. Shingo and Satoru are beside themselves until they find out from their boss and Yoshinori's supposed family members that their friend never existed.

Tales of Terror "The Painted Face"

怪談新耳袋「すごい顔」   괴담신이대 「엄청난 얼굴」   怪談新耳袋「怪臉」

60 min x 1 ep|1 episode

There is a school where hangs a portrait of a female whose face has been painted over. If you scratch away a portion of the whitewash, the woman actually appears to haunt and harass you. Her face is said to defy description, so horrifying in fact that one wishes for death upon seeing it. This school forms the backdrop for female teen, Yayoi Himeno, who finds herself embroiled in a terrifying mystery.

Tales of Terror "Gi"

怪談新耳袋「ぎぃ」   괴담신이대 「기」   怪談新耳袋 奇

60 min x 1 ep|1 episode

Aki, who has been studying child psychology to become a kindergarten teacher, takes up a side job as a private tutor and baby sitter as recommended by her professor. Then she meets a 5-year-old boy named Tsuyoshi. In the dimly-lit room, Tsuyoshi is drawing pictures. What he is drawing is a creepy guy called “Gi” who has the skill to “delete anyone that is unwanted.” Then, as Tsuyoshi predicts, people die one after another!

Tales of Terror "Buun"

怪談新耳袋「ぶぅん」   괴담신이대 「분」   怪談新耳袋「蟲聲」

60 min x 1 ep|1 episode

When a film crew shooting a ghost story movie is moving in a bus, the expected location site becomes unavailable all of a sudden, and they are looking for a new location site. Then the bus suddenly stops. There is a run-down, spooky-looking abandoned building there. The director decides to use this spooky deserted building as their new location site, but the whole crew gets involved in bizarre phenomena there…

Tales of Terror "Cow Woman"

怪談新耳袋「牛おんな」   괴담신이대「소여자」   怪談新耳袋「牛女」

60 min x 1 ep|1 episode

The cow woman is believed to be the sign of a huge catastrophe that is about to occur. It is said that she dies when the catastrophe is over. In some regions, the cow woman is worshiped as a prophet who warns of future misfortune. Asuka, who has joined a training camp, decides to head off to the site of an unsolved murder together with her four classmates. It is there that they find an isolated house where they manage to be let in by making up an excuse. However, once inside...

Tales of Terror - The Curse of Nobuhiro-san -

怪談新耳袋 劇場版 ノブヒロさん   괴담신이대 극장판 노브히로씨   怪談新耳袋 謎之畫家

89 min.

A single mother, Etsuko works at a design firm and has to visit artist Nobuhiro Shimazaki at his studio. Nobuhiro addresses Etsuko as “Etchan,” a form of endearment, as if he’d known her for a long time. Nobuhiro tells her that he wants to do a painting of her. Etsuko obliges reluctantly, and thus begins her daily visits to the artist’s studio. One day, she learns from the police that Nobuhiro has died a mysterious death. Nobuhiro’s time of death is a matter of consternation for Etsuko because she had been with him at that time. In order to solve the mystery, Etsuko sneaks into Nobuhiro’s locked studio. She is shocked to find the chilling truth linking her to Nobuhiro.

Tales of Terror "Men in Black"

怪談新耳袋「黒い男たち」   괴담신이대「검은 남자들」   怪談新耳袋「黑男」

60 min x 1 ep|1 episode

Kyoka, a university student, receives an old brown envelope in which she finds a photograph of her classmate, Sachiko. With this, she also finds a mysterious message saying “Help me”. One day, while at a café, Kyoka overhears that "somebody had been spirited away by a man in a black suit". It was at that moment that Kyoka recalled the moment that Sachiko had suddenly disappeared in the mountains right in front of her very own eyes.

Princess Resurrection

怪物王女   괴물왕녀   怪物王女

30 min. x 26 eps.|26 episodes

Hiro finds himself resurrected after arriving in town to visit his sister and meeting his untimely doom. But his benefactor, a beautiful princess and daughter to king of all monsters, as well as his sister’s employer, did not save him out of the kindness of her heart. Hiro is now her guardian and must help to protect her from the hordes of monsters that are after her powers. Too bad he keeps dying in the process!

Tales of Terror - The Haunted Apartments -

怪談新耳袋 劇場版 幽霊マンション   괴담신이대 극장판 유령맨션   怪談新耳袋 幽霊公寓

93 min.

Be sure to obey the midnight curfew…!
After the death of her mother in a traffic accident two years ago, a seventeen-year-old girl, Manami, and her father decide to move out to get away from the memories of her death. The move was supposed to be the beginning of a new life for Manami, but she is troubled by her father’s drinking, and mysterious deaths begin happening in the neighborhood. One day, Minami decides to try to solve the mystery of a mysterious girl in a school uniform she has seen in the building…

Tales of Terror - The Movie -

怪談新耳袋 劇場版   괴담신이대 극장판   怪談新耳袋 劇場版

92 min.

Hands appearing from out of the darkness choke a woman nightly. A nurse on a videotape stares at the high school girl watching television. A group of young women traveling hear a strange sound and begin disappearing one by one. Traveling around Japan, the producers of this chilling film have gathered the scariest true stories from around the country and brought together some of the best names in “Japanese Horror” to create this theatrical version of the hit series.

Tales of Terror

怪談新耳袋(第1〜6シリーズ)   괴담 신이대   怪談新耳袋 系列

6th Season: 5 min. x 10 eps.|84 episodes

Taken from the collection of short fantastic stories from all over Japan, “Tales of Terror” brings 86 of the most frightening and unbelievable stories to the screen directed by horror film masters and young upcoming talents. Screams and laughs are guaranteed in this entertaining look into Japan’s modern fables!

Scary Fairy Tales

コワイ童話   무서운 동화   寒慄童話

30 min. x 24 eps.|24 episodes

A suspense-filled, modern adaptation of a Grimm fairytale expressing the cruelty and bizarre nature of the original. Ayumi Tachibana is a high school senior who lacks self-confidence and is bullied by classmates. Moreover, she is treated like a slave at home by her elder sister, Misato, who is a fashion model. One day, Ayumi is invited by her friend, Erika, to a mixer of popular students including Satoru. But there again, she is teased and made fun of. On her way home, she finds a photo that emits an eerie light, and hears a voice telling her, “Your prince awaits you.”

Pet Shop of Horrors

ペットショップ・オブ・ホラーズ   공포의 애완 동물 가게   寵物店驚魂

6 min. 30 sec. x 16 eps.|16 episodes

A shady Los Angeles Chinatown pet shop, owned by the mysterious Count D, sells a variety of precious and unique pets that serve a select clientele with special needs. Parents who have lost their child, or a young man having separated from the love of his life, are given a chance to recover some of what was once theirs, but with very specific rules. Should the rules be ignored, the consequences can be quite severe. Leon, a young Los Angeles police detective, visits Count D in the course of investigating a series of "accidents" involving animals. His initial suspicions of a mafia connection are gradually replaced with the fear that something much more sinister is behind this purveyor of pets.

After-Hours Horror Stream

심령 방송의 밤   靈異線上

A live streamer visits a cursed website.
You were just a viewer watching the show...
or so you’d thought.

“There’s a website that kills all who see it.”

In order to confirm this rumor, a live streamer attempts to access the website at the abandoned building where a gruesome incident took place. You start watching not expecting much, but things take a sudden turn for the worse. Something unknown is caught on camera, and terrifying, unexplainable phenomena start to occur. Eventually, the horrid curse befalls the streamer and viewers. Yes, it seems the curse has got you as well, simply because you were connected online.

Event Details
1. Mission
All participants take on the challenge of lateral thinking puzzles
The curse will come to you through the Internet. The key to dispelling the curse is a mystery game based on the famous “Albatross Soup” riddle. Join hands with the streamer and other viewers to uncover the truth hidden behind the curse.

2. Functions
A communication tool that drives the story along
Communication between the streamer and viewers is made possible through chat and survey functions. A simple word or action of yours could have a great effect.

3. A Horrifying Experience
A horrifying experience only possible online
Something caught on camera... A website where mysterious phenomena take place... A voice so eerie it can’t be real... You were supposed to be safe as long as you were just watching on your monitor.
Darkness Inc. delivers the ultimate scare and curse.
Now, immerse yourself in shocking online horror.