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Time is Money is the hilarious celebrity Life Hack show where your favourite stars share the time saving secrets of their success – and where viewers with the best life-hacks go home with a fat cash prize, proving once and for all that: Time is Money.

We live in increasingly pressurised times where much of our time is spent trying to save time! Take a quick look at your phone – just how many ‘time-saving’ apps have you got on it right now? Now ask yourself how many of them actually work? Right… then delete them then… I guess… how long would that take?

Time is Money is the show that really saves you time in your day to day life to free you up to do the things that you should be doing, like horse-riding, skiing, or something else you might see other people doing on the TV. Playing polo, maybe.

Time is Money is fiendishly simple. Our hosts introduce a panel of funny and crazy celebrities that show us their favourite life hacks. Little tips and tricks from the stars that have helped them get along and can now improve our lives by making things so, so much simpler. Some are fun, some are silly, some are extremely messy or dangerous, but most of them have the ultimate in ‘take-home TV’ – they can improve your life!

CatChat DokiDoki CHALLENGE!

ドキドキチャレンジ!   도키도키 챌린지   CatChat DokiDoki 大冒险!

15 min × 16 eps "MeowTube" videos (for social media)] 25 sec × 14 eps|Eps 16

Curious and adventurous, CHAT is aiming to become the top star on "MeowTube." With help from his friends FLUFFY (polar bear) and SPICY (hedgehog), CHAT explores different parts of Japan and takes on unique and daring activities, to create an exciting MeowTube video that will garner the most ‘LIKES’ !
CHAT’s challenges also introduce a variety of Japanese food, culture and activities, to engage family viewers of all ages. Hybrid live-action/anime edu-travelogue series.

Kamejiro: The U.S. Military's Most Feared Man

米軍(アメリカ)が最も恐れた男 その名は、カメジロー   미군이 가장 두려워한 남자, 그 이름은 가메지로   美軍最害怕的男人 他的名字叫龜次郎

107 min

A documentary about Kamejiro Senaga, the man who resisted America in U.S.-occupied Okinawa.
Okinawan opposition to U.S. military presence today draws its voice from him.
Following Japan’s defeat in World War II, one man fearlessly continued to stand up to U.S. military occupation of Okinawa. He was Kamejiro Senaga, a hero with an indefatigable spirit of resistance, capable of drawing tens of thousands of people to him, and firing them up with his speeches. The U.S. military feared him and looked to quiet him somehow, but Kamejiro continued the fight, first as Naha mayor, and then as a national diet assemblyman. Using actual footage and interviews with such people as Kamejiro’s daughter and former Okinawa governor, Keiichi Inamine, the untold story of Kamejiro Senaga, a man of deep conviction and passion, comes to life in this documentary film.

Nihonto: The Movie~The World of "Katana"~

映画日本刀~刀剣の世界~   일본도 ~도검의 세계~   電影 日本刀~刀劍的世界~

60 min.

A documentary that shines a spotlight on Japan’s long and vaunted tradition of sword making by introducing master sword makers and sharpeners, accompanied by tales of famous swords used by samurai generals and legendary swordsmen throughout history. The documentary explains the painstaking craftsmanship and time-honored techniques that go into making and tempering swords while providing backstories that shed light on the mind and spirit of the Japanese.

Narration: Kosuke Toriumi



English with Friends Advanced 1: 58 min × 1 ep English with Friends Advanced 2: 61 min x 1 ep CatChat for Babies: 36 min x 1 ep CatChat with Friends DX: 13 min x 26 ep|Eps 29

Amusingly different from traditional educational programs, CatChat presents humorous "edu-variety" content to the young child. With its brief and variety-filled format, CatChat makes it easy for children to participate in games, sing and dance in tune to its action songs, and watch its animations again and again. CatChat helps children acquire basic English while having lots of fun, and is the perfect tool for a young audience in the imortant growth period of zero to ten.

Fun & Study in the Marvel of Beginnings

まんがはじめて面白塾   매혹 학원   有趣的漫畫教室

15 min. x 208 eps.|208 episodes

Even the most common conveniences—from the mail system and airplanes, to simpler tools such as erasers and pencils—started somewhere. And each starting point holds a fascinating tale of dreams, hard work and often unexpected stories of how things began, viewers will rediscover the wonder behind what we have come to take for granted.

This Is Why I, II

まんがなるほど物語/新・まんがなるほど物語   왜 그럴까 ? I, II   告訴我,為什麼? I, II

Part1: 15 min. x 186 eps. Part2: 15 min. x 75 eps.|261 episodes

This program focuses on things we encounter every day, including our environment, the weather, and common products and machinery we couldn't imagine living without. Why do deserts form? What causes thunder? How does an airplane fly? Why do we catch colds?

How It All Started

まんがはじめて物語   사물의 시작 이야기   告訴我,如何開始?

Original Series: 15 min. x 454 eps. Special: 30 min. x 23 eps. Remastered Version Series: 30 min. x 227 eps. / Special: 30 min. x 23 eps.|477 episodes

It is easy to take for granted today's many modern conveniences. This fascinating program takes us back to the beginning of many such products and reawakens some of the wonder in how it all started.

Romantic Music Theater Animation Series

名曲ロマン劇場   낭만 음악 극장 시리즈   羅曼名曲劇場

Julie in Wild Roses: 30min. x 13 eps. Isabelle in Paris: 30min. x 13 eps. Blonde Hair Jenny: 30min. x 13 eps. Lonely Nel: 30min. x 26 eps.|65 episodes

Each of the four stories follows the journey of a young girl entering the unsettling yet promising age of adolescence, when love, friendship, trust, courage and the pursuit of one's own dreams becomes the main pursuit in life. Children will especially enjoy the music, which is drawn from classical sources such as Schubert and Chopin, as well as popular folk songs from Scotland and Ireland. In sight and sound, each story is an enthralling experience that children will treasure.

The How & Why

まんがどうして物語   어떻게 ? 왜 ?   樣樣知漫畫

15 min. x 180 eps.|180 episodes

Why is seawater salty? What causes volcanoes to erupt? Why don't man-made satellites fall from the sky? What makes people sleepy? Answers to these questions and more are in this animated title which explores topics of nature, customs, and technology.

Jump out! Little Mr. Science

飛び出せ!科学くん   출동!과학군   幼幼科學家

60 min series|60 min series

This program challenges animals, nature, science, history, the mystery of the human body, and all the riddles that exist on the earth, with a child’s heart and a playful mind. Through ”explorations” into the unknown world, “experiments” full of playful elements and the like, the mystery of the earth is unraveled with the innocence of childlike ideas. It is an educational variety program that allows the audience to experience “the splendor of the earth” and “the wonder of nature” through fun conversations amongst the guests on the show.

The Thorough Explorers

トコトン掘り下げ隊!生き物にサンキュー!!   끝까지 파헤쳐 보자! 생명체에 땡큐!   挖挖探險隊!生物百態哇哇哇!

60 min series|60 min series

This planet’s living creatures possess some of the most incredible abilities and powers imaginable; powers that mankind has long tried to emulate. This program closely examines, validates and experiences the deep mysteries of Earth’s wondrous creatures, while also focusing on technological innovation inspired from animals, whether it is helicopters from hummingbirds or surgical thread from squid.

Waku Waku Animal Land

わくわく動物ランド   흥미진진 동물 세상   開心有趣動物樂園

Waku Waku Animal Land is a heartwarming and educational quiz show which focuses on the fascinating animal kingdom. Waku Waku features video clips of animals from around the world shot exclusively for this program's question and answer format. A studio panel of celebrities supplies lively discussion as they participate in entertaining question and answer activities.