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瞬間記憶バラエティー オボエロ!

MEMORIZE THIS! is a whole new mind-bending studio game show to test your short term memory. Two teams of 4 players each face off in crazy memorization-based challenges and the fear of being physically punished in a wide variety of ways makes each stage even more stressful than the last. Whose memory will prove to be the best on MEMORIZE THIS!?

Takeru and Nobu's Puzzle Game Challenge!

佐藤健&千鳥ノブよ! この謎を解いてみろ!   佐藤健&千鳥nobu!解開這個謎!~來自天才解謎集團的挑戰書~

Show business’ biggest mystery fanatic, Takeru Sato, ventures overseas to solve the world’s greatest mysteries, recruiting his best friend, Nobu (from the comedy duo, Chidori). Takeru and Nobu challenge a team of five mystery creators alongside some big-name guests in the most extravagant competition ever for a Japanese mystery-themed program! Don’t miss it!

The Double Down


The Double Down is a quiz show format which fuses simple rules with the element of betting and specially created unexampled questions which adds up to unprecedented excitement. The show starts with the contestant betting their own money, and then facing multiple choices starting with a 2-choice question, and if they correctly answer, their money is doubled. If not, the challenge is over and they lose all the money. A choice is added to each new question which increase the difficulty, but if they win out all the way through to the10-choice question in the end, they may win 500 times of what they bet. The questions are specially created and do not require any knowledge, but a good eye for the details of everyday life.

After-Hours Horror Stream

심령 방송의 밤   靈異線上

A live streamer visits a cursed website.
You were just a viewer watching the show...
or so you’d thought.

“There’s a website that kills all who see it.”

In order to confirm this rumor, a live streamer attempts to access the website at the abandoned building where a gruesome incident took place. You start watching not expecting much, but things take a sudden turn for the worse. Something unknown is caught on camera, and terrifying, unexplainable phenomena start to occur. Eventually, the horrid curse befalls the streamer and viewers. Yes, it seems the curse has got you as well, simply because you were connected online.

Event Details
1. Mission
All participants take on the challenge of lateral thinking puzzles
The curse will come to you through the Internet. The key to dispelling the curse is a mystery game based on the famous “Albatross Soup” riddle. Join hands with the streamer and other viewers to uncover the truth hidden behind the curse.

2. Functions
A communication tool that drives the story along
Communication between the streamer and viewers is made possible through chat and survey functions. A simple word or action of yours could have a great effect.

3. A Horrifying Experience
A horrifying experience only possible online
Something caught on camera... A website where mysterious phenomena take place... A voice so eerie it can’t be real... You were supposed to be safe as long as you were just watching on your monitor.
Darkness Inc. delivers the ultimate scare and curse.
Now, immerse yourself in shocking online horror.

Amazing Animals

どうぶつ奇想天外!   동물 기상천외 !   動物奇想天外

Prepare to be entertained and enlightened in this quiz show featuring the amazing lives animals lead. In-studio guests earn points by answering questions on why animals do what they do based on video segments featuring animals from all over the world. The footage includes examinations of animal behavior with fascinating and humorous results.

Batsu Bidding

キリウリ   페널티 비딩   才藝出清

“Batsu Bidding” is a studio based entertainment program with big impact humor. An auction is held where contestants try to become the winning bidder for the right to humiliate themselves. The contestant with the most outrageous suggestion wins the bid. However, prize money is only awarded to those winning bidders who step outside the studio and successfully complete the stunt. Laughter is the goal and viewers are richly rewarded.

Brain Survivor

ブレイン・サバイバー   브레인 서바이버   腦力激盪

Brain Survivor is the ultimate test of perception and memory. The studio contestants are bombarded with challenges and have very little time to answer. Each round involves different challenges and the elimination of competitors. The longer the game goes, the more difficult it becomes. To win requires concentration, great skill and the ability to perform under intense pressure. Who will be the next....BRAIN SURVIVOR?

★Airing on Nickelodeon USA as “BrainSurge”
★Airing on Discovery Kids Latin America as “Veloz Mente”
★Nominated for a 2012 Daytime Emmy.

Door of Time

時の扉   시간의 문   時限關卡

“Door of Time” is a quiz program that appeals to modern viewers who seek fast paced and visual entertainment. Contestants have very little time to answer a series of questions. Each time the contestant is successful, they face a new door with a more difficult challenge. There are 5 doors to victory. The pacing and structure are exhausting for the contestants and exhilarating for the viewer.

Get 100

100げっちゅ〜   100 을 획득해라 !   百分百贏家

A quiz show whose answers are numbers between 1 and 99. Contestants accumulate points with correct answers and try to finish with as close to 100 as possible. The unique scoring system creates fierce rivalries as points won can be used to sabotage opponents attempt to get 100 points.

Know Your Limits

限度ヲ知レ   한도를 알라   尺度知多少

Know Your Limits is a new kind of reality comedy -- a hidden camera variety show that explores the boundaries of everyday life. To find "limits," our hidden camera actors push ordinary people to the boundaries of what is considered normal. The further we can go, the funnier it gets.

Monster Stairs

モンスターステアーズ   몬스터 계단   恐怖階梯

The Quiz Show with comic consequences. Each step of the Monster Stairs represents a possible answer. The contestant tries to climb to the step with the correct answer to win a point for their team. Those who stop on the wrong step are sent tumbling by the Monster Stairs.

Sanma’s Gimmick TV


A comedy variety format that turns the camera on ordinary people for laughs. Corners include "Funniest English," "Buzzer Quiz," "Drunken Businessmen" and "Video Postcards."

The Pyramid Derby

ピラミッドダービー   피라밋 다비   金字塔德比

60 min.

Leading professionals from various fields vie with each other in games with eccentric rules to decide the “No. 1 Rare Event” champ. Contestants in the studio place bets with coins on who they think will win with experts setting the odds for the outcomes of the various matches. The contestant with the most coins at the conclusion is the winner.

What’s the Difference?

この差って何ですか?   이 차이는 무엇입니까?   “差”在哪裏?

60 min series|60 min series

A program that thoroughly investigates the little “differences” in the world that often make one wonder. What causes these “differences”? There are definitely reasons be-hind them, and knowing them can perhaps yield slight advantages in life. For example, what’s the difference between two people of the same age where one looks old but the other looks young? The answer lies in the space between eyes and eyebrows, nose and lips. It is said that the greater the distance, the more aged one looks. These and other surprising discoveries await as you learn what really makes a “difference."