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Time is Money is the hilarious celebrity Life Hack show where your favourite stars share the time saving secrets of their success – and where viewers with the best life-hacks go home with a fat cash prize, proving once and for all that: Time is Money.

We live in increasingly pressurised times where much of our time is spent trying to save time! Take a quick look at your phone – just how many ‘time-saving’ apps have you got on it right now? Now ask yourself how many of them actually work? Right… then delete them then… I guess… how long would that take?

Time is Money is the show that really saves you time in your day to day life to free you up to do the things that you should be doing, like horse-riding, skiing, or something else you might see other people doing on the TV. Playing polo, maybe.

Time is Money is fiendishly simple. Our hosts introduce a panel of funny and crazy celebrities that show us their favourite life hacks. Little tips and tricks from the stars that have helped them get along and can now improve our lives by making things so, so much simpler. Some are fun, some are silly, some are extremely messy or dangerous, but most of them have the ultimate in ‘take-home TV’ – they can improve your life!


アメージパング!   어메이지팡 !   Amazing Pang!阿多仔@ 日本

30 min series|30 min series

Non-Japanese nationals with an abiding love and knowledge of Japan often exceeding that of Japanese natives themselves, share their passion toward Japan with the world! Visit places they’ve learned about not found in travel guides, glean little known information about people and culture. Join foreigners residing all across Japan as they culture shock you and bring you the most intriguing and compelling discoveries they’ve made!

Bananaman’s Gotcha Gourmet!

バナナマンのせっかくグルメ!!   바나나맨의 제대로 구르메!!   香蕉男的全國美食秀

30, 60, 120, 150 min series|30, 60, 120, 150 min series

Japan is a country rich in regional gastronomy where local people are only too eager to have visitors try what they view as the greatest gourmet food around. Join Tokyo ce-lebrity Bananaman as they travel the country door-to-door gleaning information known only to local citizens, making incredible gourmet discoveries and introducing the charms of each locale.

Jump out! Little Mr. Science

飛び出せ!科学くん   출동!과학군   幼幼科學家

60 min series|60 min series

This program challenges animals, nature, science, history, the mystery of the human body, and all the riddles that exist on the earth, with a child’s heart and a playful mind. Through ”explorations” into the unknown world, “experiments” full of playful elements and the like, the mystery of the earth is unraveled with the innocence of childlike ideas. It is an educational variety program that allows the audience to experience “the splendor of the earth” and “the wonder of nature” through fun conversations amongst the guests on the show.

Masahiro Nakai's Smile Friday

中居正広の金曜日のスマたちへ   나카이 마사히로의 금요일의 스마들에게   中居正廣的女性相談室

5 eps more episodes will follow 60 min series|5 eps more episodes will follow

A program aimed at refreshing the spirits of woman nationwide with great stress and anxiety relieving content. Women viewers are polled on their biggest desires and aspirations, perhaps “something they’ve always wanted to do”, and then those desires are realized for them. Whether their ambitions deal with work, play or romance, here is a program to inspire, and wash away daily stress.

Pittanko Kan-Kan

ぴったんこカン★カン   핏탄코 칸칸   男生女生剛剛好

60 min series|60 min series

Join glamorous special guests as they travel the country each week in search of sumptuous food and best-kept secret attractions, complete with strange happenings and mysteries along the way. Male and female celebrity teams square off against each other in this quiz / talk show variety format.

SAKABA: Bar Hopping Report by Rui Yoshida

吉田類の酒場放浪記   요시다 루이의 술집방랑기   吉田類的酒場放浪記

15 min series|100+ eps

This is a unique program that introduces “izakayas” (Japanese-style bars) in downtown Tokyo, where “any adult can drop by alone when ever he feels like it.” One izakaya began as a food stall 80 years ago, another one serves raw pork guts… Every izakaya serves its own unique variety of Japanese sake and dishes, and viewers can enjoy watching the reality of the dramatic lives of its people. The program features the wonderful drinking experiences of illustrator Rui Yoshida and offers an introduction to the humanity of the people of downtown Tokyo.

SAKABA: Bar Hopping Women

おんな酒場放浪記   여성 술집방랑기   女人們的酒場放浪記

15 min series|100+ eps

A female edition of the popular “SAKABA: Bar Hopping Report by Rui Yoshida” for women. Since first airing in 2003, the “SAKABA: Bar Hopping Report by Rui Yoshida” team has introduced viewers to some 500 drinking holes across the country and reported on over 1,500. But this time, drink loving women foray into the “middle aged male world” by hitting the program’s hand-picked establishments.

Sho & Hiroiki’s Celebrity Soiree

櫻井・有吉THE 夜会   사쿠라이와 아리요시의 THE 파티   櫻井・有吉THE 夜會

60 min series|60 min series

MCs Sho Sakurai and Hiroiki Ariyoshi creatively use whatever resources they can to help top celebrities and people in the news or the public consciousness to solve their problems or fulfill their desires. Look forward to some revelatory and truly unexpected moments from guests.

Teppei Arita and Chisako Takashima's "Life is a Mystery" Super Roundtable

有田哲平と高嶋ちさ子の人生イロイロ超会議   아리타 텟페이와 다카시마 치사코의 인생 여러가지 초회의   名嘴的人生吐槽會

15 eps 60 & 120 min series|15 eps

Celebrities with a certain “something” in common gather in a television studio to peek in on various life situations and share their own firsthand accounts of similar episodes, giving viewers glimpses into their unique lives with a touch of humor and instruction about the great variety of human experience.

The World Unknown to Matsuko

マツコの知らない世界   마쓰코가 모르는 세계   Matsuko 不知道的世界

50 eps more episodes will follow 60 min series|50 eps more episodes will follow

A talk show in which experts from a variety of specialty fields are invited to introduce a surprising and “deep” world unbeknownst to MC Matsuko and viewers.