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Fragments of The Last Will



It’s 1945, and World War II has just ended. A glacial winter, reaching 40 degrees Celsius below zero... Day after endless day of merciless labor, fueled only by scarce rations. Amidst the men dying off one by one in the hellish Soviet concentration camp is Hatao Yamamoto. “You must not give up hope. The day of domoy (going home) will come,” Yamamoto implores consistently to the despairing captives.
Under the dire conditions of the camp, there are ceaseless fights among the Japanese captives. Yet come what may, Yamamoto continues to cheer the men up regardless of rank and character. His heartfelt actions and beliefs gradually warm the frozen hearts of his fellow captives. Yamamoto believes through everything that he will someday go home to be with his wife and four children.
Eight years after the war, a postcard arrives from Yamamoto’s beloved wife. In the letter, passed through rigorous censorship, is written, “I am waiting for your return.” Tears stream down Yamamoto’s face as he thinks of his wife, raising their four children on her own. Everyone felt the day of domoy was near, but meanwhile, Yamamoto is subjected to illness. His health deteriorates rapidly, but Yamamoto never gives up hope that he will one day be reunited with his family. Aching to do something for their dear friend, his comrades set out to accomplish an extraordinary feat under the scrutiny of the guards.

”Fragments of The Last Will”based on ”RAGERI KARA KITA ISHO” by Jun HENMI (BUNGEISHUNJU LTD.)
©2022“Fragments of Last Will”Film Partners
©1989 SHIMIZU Kyoko

In This Corner Of The World

この世界の片隅に   이 세상의 한 구석에   這個世界的角落

85 min × 1 ep / 75 min × 1 ep / 60 min × 7 ep|9 episodes

Suzu Urano is an innocent young woman who loves to draw pictures and lives in the seaside town called Eba district of Hiroshima. At the height of World War II in the Pacific with all the men off at the front, she finds herself as eldest daughter assisting with the family business of seaweed to make ends meet when an offer of marriage arises. The suitor is Shusaku Hojo, a young stenographer at the military court-martial who had fallen in love with her at first sight, but Suzu doesn’t remember ever having met him. Though uncomfortable with the idea of betrothing a man she doesn’t know, she gets swept along by the people and circumstances around her until marriage becomes a foregone conclusion. She finds the task of winning acceptance by Shusaku’s family hard going despite all of her pure and earnest efforts in this touching story of family love and survival amid the crucible of war.

Reiko Takashima’s Family Heirloom Search! What’s in your Warehouse?

高島礼子が家宝捜索!蔵の中に何がある?   다카시마 레이코가 가보를 수색한다! 창고 속에는 무엇이 있을까?   高島禮子搜索傳家寶!庫房中究竟有什麼?

60 min series|57+ eps

It has quietly guarded the histories and livelihoods of local people for centuries as living proof of past ages. Inside these warehouses lie village histories and the thoughts and feelings of its ancestors often unbeknownst to current owners. They’re treasure troves of Japan’s memorial heritage.
This program sends veteran actress, Reiko Takashima, across Japan in search of heirlooms buried in family warehouses. Including grand treasure hunts into long-unopened warehouses.Join Reiko Takashima as she makes many surprising discoveries in an emotionally moving journey into the nation’s past.

Kamejiro: The U.S. Military's Most Feared Man

米軍(アメリカ)が最も恐れた男 その名は、カメジロー   미군이 가장 두려워한 남자, 그 이름은 가메지로   美軍最害怕的男人 他的名字叫龜次郎

107 min

A documentary about Kamejiro Senaga, the man who resisted America in U.S.-occupied Okinawa.
Okinawan opposition to U.S. military presence today draws its voice from him.
Following Japan’s defeat in World War II, one man fearlessly continued to stand up to U.S. military occupation of Okinawa. He was Kamejiro Senaga, a hero with an indefatigable spirit of resistance, capable of drawing tens of thousands of people to him, and firing them up with his speeches. The U.S. military feared him and looked to quiet him somehow, but Kamejiro continued the fight, first as Naha mayor, and then as a national diet assemblyman. Using actual footage and interviews with such people as Kamejiro’s daughter and former Okinawa governor, Keiichi Inamine, the untold story of Kamejiro Senaga, a man of deep conviction and passion, comes to life in this documentary film.


LEADERS 2   리더스 2   領導者們2

143 min × 1 ep|1 episode

The year is 1934. Demand for the automobile is at last beginning to heat up some 10 plus years after the devastation of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 had utterly destroyed shipping and distribution networks. Now, the likes of U.S auto making giants, Ford and General Motors, were looking to carve up the Japanese market for themselves with their foreign-made automobiles. Wataru Yamazaki is sales manager for “Hinode Motors”, a GM dealership in Aichi Prefecture. Resistant to the misguided American sales techniques being forced upon him, he constantly tries to offer suggestions, but who’s going to listen to a salesman at one little dealership? One his way home from Osaka one day, Yamazaki sees a stalled Chevrolet atop the Suzuka mountain pass being fixed by a mechanic in a suit: Saichiro Aichi. It marks the beginning of a long and rich relationship between two men who would go on to launch the first Aichi Motor Automobile Dealership.

Nihonto: The Movie~The World of "Katana"~

映画日本刀~刀剣の世界~   일본도 ~도검의 세계~   電影 日本刀~刀劍的世界~

60 min.

A documentary that shines a spotlight on Japan’s long and vaunted tradition of sword making by introducing master sword makers and sharpeners, accompanied by tales of famous swords used by samurai generals and legendary swordsmen throughout history. The documentary explains the painstaking craftsmanship and time-honored techniques that go into making and tempering swords while providing backstories that shed light on the mind and spirit of the Japanese.

Narration: Kosuke Toriumi


LEADERS 前編・後編   LEADERS 전편・후편

149 min x 2 eps|2 episodes

Prior to the start of World War II, Saichiro Aichi witnessed firsthand the technological prowess and industrial strength developing in the automotive industry of the US and Europe. Under Saichiro’s strong visionary leadership and the efforts of his team, a do-mestic passenger car is finally built just as the march of war is heard approaching. Saichiro’s group bides its time through a devastating war by building military trucks and machinery only to confront a dire depression upon war’s end, due to a financial re-trenchment policy by the Bank of Japan. Short on capital and troubled by labor strife, as well as personal illness, Saichiro and his men refuse to give up. Here is an inspiring tale about visionary men who through blood, sweat and tears and the spirit of “monozukuri” battled back from the brink of bankruptcy to build a Japanese auto company that would be the pride of the world.

A Blissful Stroll Through Kyoto

至福の京都ふらり散歩   행복한 교토 편안한 산책   幸福之極的京都漫步

30 min: 20 eps 60 min: 3 eps|30 & 60 min series

Discover the enchantment of Kyoto through four seasons.
Take a walk through history, shop and savor delicious treats in this thousand-year capital nobody can visit often enough, and explore the depth of this beautiful city.

Enchanting Around the World: Travel by Rail

世界一周魅惑の鉄道紀行   세계일주 매혹의 철도기행   世界一周鐵道魅力紀錄之旅

60 min series|100+ eps

Do you have a desire to visit the world's best historical sites and dine at Michelin 3-star restaurants? To sip delicious wine as you stroll? To see for yourself the great pictures? And what's more, to see it all by rail? You too can taste the leisurely romance that only train travel offers from your living room, with beautiful landscapes unfolding before your eyes from your window seat in a grand introduction to resplendent people, places and feelings of wonder.


FURUSATO   FURUSATO~從宇宙看到的地球   후루사토

38 min × 1ep|1 ep

Since 2006, the Japanese Advanced Land Observation Satellite, DAICHI, has been observing World Heritage sites from space with three high-tech sensors. It has inspired this film, which uses images of World Heritage sites taken from space and here on Earth with a 4K digital camera. The original script is written by Kundo Koyama , winner of an 81st Academy Award for Okuribito (The Departures).

Getting to Know Beautiful Japan

美しい日本に出会う旅   아름다운 일본을 만나는 여행   探索日本之美的旅程

60 min series

So much of Japan’s natural and traditional beauty remains largely unknown. Picturesque townscapes, rows of merchant homes. Noble mansions of the samurai. Deep bamboo forests and cobblestone roads. Tasty delicacies and handicrafts known only to locals. This program sets out along the old highways to rediscover ageless “Japanese beauty”.
On long traversed-roads that multiply, there is history and romance.
There is the breath of life. Embark on a journey down numerous highways and byways in search of beautiful Japan.

Japan Heritage

日本遺産   일본유산   日本遺產

30 & 60 min series Season1: 11eps Season2: 6eps Season3: 7eps Season4: 1eps|30 & 60 min series

Japan has a rich cultural heritage , both tangible and intangible, some of which are designated National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties. They are a legacy of the history that makes Japan what it is today. This series is the first to capture those nationally designated as Japan Heritage in 4K. Each 30-minute episode includes two Japan Heritage sites, giving viewers an unfiltered look at Japan’s exotic traditions and enthralling ancient festivals little-known outside of Japan.


PRIME JAPAN 日本のこころに出会う   PRIME JAPAN 일본의 정신을 만나다   PRIME JAPAN 日本心相會

12 eps 60 min series|12 eps

A series of in-depth reporting in pursuit of "Japan's Heart" by taking up themes ranging from sushi, sake, Japanese sword and other traditional cultural elements, to design, products and other items that add color to Japan of today, in 4K UHD.

RAKUEN The Secret of Paradise

RAKUEN 三好和義と巡る楽園の旅   RAKUEN 미요시 카즈요시와 함께 하는 낙원 여행   RAKUEN 與三好和義巡游的樂園旅行紀

12 eps 40 min series|12 eps

Kazuyoshi Miyoshi has published photo collections on Tahiti, Maldives, Seychelles, Hawaii and other paradises. In this
series, accompanied by beautiful models, Miyoshi revisits those paradise beaches, forest s and World Heritages, discovering the Secrets of Paradise as he roams about freely.
Captured in 4K UHD.

Rediscovering the Incas:The Empire that Lived with Mummies

インカ新発見への旅 〜ミイラと生きた帝国〜   잉카 신발견으로의 여행 ~미이라와 함께 한 제국~   探索印加 ~ 與木乃伊共舞的帝國

55 min. x 1 ep.|1 episode

For many, the Incan Empire conjures up images of exquisitely-masoned buildings, the terraced Andenes fields, and Incan gold. But how did this remarkable civilization grow to such incredible heights of power and influence in just over one century without the technologies of iron, the wheel or a written language? Travel along with the world’s leading experts from various scientific fields as they bring their own disciplinary approaches and expertise to solving some of the world’s greatest mysteries. When did the Incan Empire originate?
What compelled them toward such precision masonry and obsession with geometric patterns? What is the significance to the pairing of its kero cups, the rule of mummy emperors, and the horrific child sacrifices atop the Andean peaks? Learn how cutting edge, scientific research is bringing us closer to real answers.

Short Filler Series

短編フィラーシリーズ   단편 필러시리즈   短編特集

3 min series|4 eps

4K footage edited using high - spec post - production equipment , such as drone shot s of beautiful natural landscapes, and glimpses into a summer garden in Kyoto.
Can be used for TV broadcast and for various other media.

The World Heritage

THE 世界遺産   세계유산   世界遺產

30 min. Series more episodes will follow|Series

TBS’s ”World Heritage,” is a 30-minute weekly documentary series that is registered by UNESCO under Natural Heritage, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Sciences. The program started in spring, 1996, and over a span of 10 years has covered about 560 topics around the world. To better convey the grandeur of these treasures of the world, TBS has shot the series in High-Definition. High quality images, impeccable narrative, and beautiful music...the elements are simple and straightforward. The producers feel that this style of presentation works best to visually document and preserve the wonders of the world, and continue to do so to this day.