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I am Adventure Boy

アイ・アム・冒険少年   冒險少年

Our beloved home, planet Earth, never ceases to amaze us with its many hidden treasures. This variety program takes viewers on an exciting treasure hunt full of incredible must-see wonders, an adventure full of mystery and amazing information to pique your intellectual curiosity! Even the most familiar places and things, when viewed from a scientific perspective, harbor eye-opening discoveries. Come explore the wonders of nature, animal life, science, and history, from the cosmic to the mundane in this foray into the earth’s marvelous wonders!



120min × 1ep / 85min × 3eps / 75min × 2eps / 60min × 4eps

Yusuke Nogi of Marubishi Corp. is about to seal a solar energy plant deal when he is blamed for a remittance error that sends him to the central Asian republic of Balka to retrieve 13 billion yen or face dismissal. He then nearly dies in a terrorist explosion, but learns the local authorities are hunting him as the bomber suspect! He avoids capture with the help of a mysterious Japanese intelligence agent Nozaki and a female doctor Kaoru, but can Nogi get to safety and recover the money?

Pending Train

ペンディングトレイン―8時23分、明日 君と   펜딩 트레인 - 8시23분 내일 너와   Pending Train - 8時23分,明天和你在一起

75min × 1 ep / 60min × 9 eps

It begins as any other day with commuters and passengers catching the 8:23 train. That is, until one train car suddenly warps into a wormhole and lands in a devastated future world. Without smartphones or social media, the passengers must confront extraordinary and extreme conditions. Mere strangers yesterday, they must face their worst fears and instincts for survival, deception, and love as they fight to get back home in this exploration of how people deal with unprecedented events.

Grimms Notes The Animation

グリムノーツ The Animation

30 min.|12 episodes

Set in a fairy tale world in which everyone receives a book when they are born. These books determine every little detail of that person’s life.
Written by the mysterious storyteller, each book traps that individual into a preordained fate.
The story, however, stars a hero without a story, someone free to decide his own fate. But since he has only blank pages he can only wander to find his purpose.
What follows is a journey where our hero travels to lands and meets characters straight out of the pages of some of the most famous fairy tales. He must work together with the characters he meets to fight to get back his story.

Original Story: Grimms Notes by SQUARE ENIX
Director: Seiki Sugawara
Series scripts: Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Character Design: Kentaro Matsumoto
Music: Mirai Kodai Gakudan
Sound: Fumiyuki Go
Production:Brain’s Base

TOMICA Hyper Rescue Police DRIVE HEAD The Movie

映画ドライブヘッド~トミカハイパーレスキュー 機動救急警察~   드라이브 헤드 ~ 토미카 하이퍼 레스큐 기동구급경찰 ~   多美卡超救援 DRIVEHEAD 機動救急警察

57 min.

The Hyper Rescue Police team are under attack by an enigmatic youth named Tera, who, as it turns out, has been possessed by an evil artificial intelligence. It is an android wielding a powerful energy force capable of rendering Drivehead inoperable by Go and his team members. Tera grows to enormous size, threatening the world by swallowing up all in its path. An emergency response team springs to action at an unprecedented level to reactivate Drivehead. Can Go and his fellow heroes save the world and loved ones from an existential threat?

Seven Senses of the Reunion

七星のスバル   칠성의 스바루   昴宿七星

30 min.|12 episodes

Asahi's life in reality ended simultaneously when she died playing "Union", a world-renowned online RPG. The members of "Subaru" went separate ways when "Union" shut down due to Asahi's death. Six years later, Haruto logs onto a renewed version of "Re'Union" and reunites with Asahi who had died. Is it really her or just an electronic ghost? The former team members reunite and enter the mysterious and deadly online game to find out.

Dances with the Dragons

されど罪人は竜と踊る   그러나 죄인은 용과 춤춘다   罪人與龍共舞

30 min. × 12 eps.|12 episodes

Jushiki, a system for reproducing natural phenomena and paraphysical acts such as the creation of matter, allows humans to wield a power which they once feared as “magic.” Its mastery has brought ”advancements to all fields of life, while facilitating the extermination of the once-rampant “Dragons and “Others.” Gaius and Gigina, two combat-type jushiki wielders, run an office in a chaotic frontier ,town called Eridana, and make a living using their art to solve problems and collect bounties. One day a dragon-hunting job falls into their laps. But it's just the start of a plot far deeper…

TOMICA Hyper Rescue Police DRIVE HEAD

トミカハイパーレスキュー ドライブヘッド 機動救急警察   드라이브 헤드   機動警察救援隊(機動救急警察)

30 min. × 37 eps.|37 episodes

A little bit in the future, the government has established a brand new organization with the purpose of rescuing lives to respond to the increasingly complicated and varied types of disasters, accidents and crimes that go beyond human comprehension. It is called the “Mobile Emergency Police DRIVE HEAD” force combining specialized police, firefighting and rescue skills. “DRIVE HEAD” is an advanced mobile device that transforms in form factor from car to humanoid walker vehicle. The drivers are high-aptitude, grade school students such as Go Kurumada who collaborate with mobile emergency police adults and rush to crisis situations to secure public safety and preserve the peace for all!

Miyagi Japan’s 3/11 Reconstruction Event: The Tour de Tohoku 2016

日本宮城311復興イベント ツール・ ド・東北2016   일본 미야기 311 부흥이벤트 투어 더 토호쿠 2016   日本東北單車之旅

The Tour de Tohoku bicycle race was established to continually honor those who lost their lives in the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami while paying great tribute to the support and reconstruction efforts that followed in its wake. By covering the Tour de Tohoku 2016, this program seeks to report on the current state of Miyagi’s recovery following the disaster and introduce the prefecture’s beauty and attractions.

Thank you Taiwan! A special program commemorating 5 years of post-disaster reconstruction support

震災5年復興支援特別番組 ありがとう台湾!   재해 5년 부흥지원특별프로그램 고마워요 타이완!   震災5年復興支援特別節目 謝謝您台灣!

5 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, 2011. Miyagi Prefecture received donations and support from Taiwan as well as inspiring words of encouragement to become a place bustling with activity once again attracting travelers.
This program introduces Miyagi today as a highly attractive travel destination while simultaneously conveying the immense gratitude toward the people of Taiwan for all of their tremendous support in hopes of further building lasting bonds.


RAIL WARS!   레일 워즈 !   日本國有鐵道公安隊

30 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

Naoto Takayama is a plain high school kid who dreams of becoming a train driver at a blue chip national rail company. For his on-the-job training, he is assigned to the No. 4 Patrol Team (P4) of the Tokyo Central Rail Public Safety Bureau. Joining him there is Aoi Sakurai, a master marksman and martial artist; Haruka Kohmi, who possesses an incredible memory, and a hot-blooded, muscle-brain named Sho Iwaizumi. Naoto is tapped to lead this hodgepodge team through a slew of incidents, from missing children to defusing explosives. Set in a world where Japan’s national railways had never been broken up and privatized, follow the adventures of Naoto and his merry band of P4 trainees in this high-speed railway adventure! All aboard!

Beyond the Boundary

境界の彼方   경계의 저편   境界的彼方

30min. x 13 eps.|13 episodes

It all began quite suddenly. Akihito, who appears human but is actually half yōmu with the power to quickly heal himself, sees a freshman girl who appears ready to jump from the school rooftop. The girl, Mirai, who has the ability to manipulate blood, which is unique even among members of the spirit world, continues to fight her isolation. Akihito decides in that moment to save Mirai, but disturbing events soon begin to unfold.


おおかみかくし   오카미카쿠시   神隱之狼

30 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

Sixteen year old Hiroshi Kuzumi moves with his father and handicapped sister from the big city to Jouga, a remote town in the mountains. Jouga is famous for stories that a species of enormous wolves once lived in the area and other mysterious rumors. The townspeople are extremely friendly to Hiroshi, but when people close to him start to disappear, he realizes something is afoot.

You're Under Arrest Full Throttle

逮捕しちゃうぞ フルスロットル   체포하겠어 Full Throttle   逮捕令Full Throttle

30 min. x 24 eps.|24 episodes

Miyuki returns from studying in the U.S. thinking her return to her old life at the Bokuto Police Station will be a quiet one. But on the day she returns she becomes embroiled in a dangerous high-speed chase when a young boy she met on the plane is grabbed by the mob! The action comes thick and fast in this thrilling new addition to the adventures of the popular police duo Miyuki and Natsumi.


ぽぽたん   포포탄   波波堡

30 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

A fun and magical tale of the lives of 3 sisters and their maid living in their house/spaceship called Popotan. The eldest, Ai, runs a Christmas-wear shop in their home; Mai is the strong-minded sportswoman; Mii is the spoiled and precocious witch; and Mea is their impassive android maid. They travel from town to town in their house, meeting new people and having new adventures. At the end, they always depart for a new destination, but not without leaving an impression where they have been!



30 min. x 51 eps.|51 episodes

Fifty years ago, a force of darkness called the DarkBring battled against the Raves, a force of light with the only hope for defeating the DarkBring. Shiba and Plue nearly defeated the DarkBring, but underestimated its resilience. Consequently, the DarkBring escaped and triggered an explosion that scattered the Raves all over the world. Now, Shiba's successor, Haru, sets out to find the missing Raves and defeat the DarkBring. Plue and his new friend Elie, who has lost her memory and is looking for her past, join him on this humorous and action-packed adventure through a land filled with many interesting characters and creatures.

Orphen Revenge

魔術士オーフェン リベンジ

30 min. x 23 eps.|23 episodes

With the same action but more comedy, the legendary hero and fighter for justice, Orphen, returns to rid the countryside of evil and protect those who can't protect themselves. Returning with the now familiar cast, Orphen finds himself paired against the Bonaparte family that rule through greed and fear, and Giruti who lives in a dark forest and uses forbidden magic to create monsters.

Reign: The Conquevor

アレクサンダー戦記   알렉산더 전쟁기   亞歷山大戰記

TV: 30 min. x 13 eps. Theatrical: 90 min.|13 episodes and Theatrical Version

In 356 BC, Alexander the Great arrives in Greece with the ominous destiny that he will become the "destroyer of the world." Inheriting the crown, he becomes king of the Macedonians and starts down a road of conquest with terrific speed. Alexander ultimately confronts his fated nemesis, Darius the Third, in a war with Persia which changes Alexander into the devil he was fated to become, assuring the destruction of all in his path, and possibly himself.

Power Stone

パワーストーン   파워 스톤   寶石

30 min. x 26 eps.|26 episodes

In the early 19th century, a colorful cast of characters from across the globe for reasons good and evil find themselves bound by the common goal of pursuing the ancient legend of the "power stones." A power stone is said to fulfill wishes and release hidden power from within those that possess them and amplify the good or evil intrinsic to that character's nature. The main character Falcon, a dauntless adventurer from Britain, must compete and sometimes cooperate with the others searching for this ancient treasure. Based on the Capcom game of the same name, this fantasy adventure title tells the tale of the pursuit for legendary power in a world filled with action, magic, and mystery.

Di Gi Charat

デ・ジ・キャラット   데지케라   黛・姬・凱拉特

3 min. 45 sec. x 16 eps. 30 min. x 8 special eps.|24 episodes

Arriving from outer space and landing in Japan's Electric Town Akihabara, Di Gi Charat has come to Earth to become the number one digital idol. Although she is cute and knows how to flatter, she also has quite a biting wit and can let lose her "eye beam" if you make her angry. Her crew of unusual characters joins her in her wacky world of gags and crazy adventures, and are sure to coax a giggle from you every time.


魔術士オーフェン   마술사 오펜   魔術師歐芬

Series.1: 30 min. x 24 eps. Series.2: 30 min. x 23 eps.|47 episodes

Set in a medieval world of monsters and magic, this exciting fantasy adventure title focuses on a sword-wielding fighter with magical abilities named Orphen. In his youth, Orphen and his childhood friend, Azalea, were trained by a powerful sorcerer named Childman. Sadly, Azalea ends up making a terrible mistake which causes her to transform into a monster and disappear before Orphen's eyes. Since this mistake violates the tenants of the magic that Childman taught them, Childman is ordered to hunt the beast that Azalea has become and kill it. But for Orphen, Azalea is still the big-sister he never had, and he decides he must try to find a way to save her. Based on a popular series of novellas, this seemingly simple plot soon takes off on many twists and turns that are sure to keep the viewer absorbed in the adventures of Orphen.

You're Under Arrest / You're Under Arrest 2nd Season

逮捕しちゃうぞ / 逮捕しちゃうぞ 2nd Season   체포하겠어 / 체포하겠어 2   逮捕 / 逮捕2

Series.1: 30 min. x 52 eps. Mini Series: 6 min. 30sec. x 20 eps. Series.2: 30 min. x 26 eps.|78 episodes and Mini series

These are the high speed adventures of the cutest crime fighting team to hit the streets in search of bad guys everywhere. Assigned to the Metro Traffic Division, Natsumi is known for her tough as nails attitude and expert motorcycling skill, but lacks punctuality and has a tendency to act on impulse and break the rules. Despite her more gracious and level-headed attitude, Miyuki is tough in her own right, using her sharp-shooting and computing skills to get the job done and her by-the-book mentality to keep Natsumi in line. While their personalities are very different, they are equally dedicated to their work of protecting the innocent and keeping the streets safe; and maybe even finding a boyfriend along the way!

Jewel Bem Hunter LIME

宝魔ハンターライム   보석 헌터   寶魔蠟手萊姆

30 min. x 3 eps.|3 episodes

In the world of demons dwells a cute little girl named Hunter LIME, whose simple, comic adventures will win the hearts of viewers of all ages. She and her companions seem constantly at wits' end, caring for each other and yet never able to honestly express their feelings. And along the way they battle Jewel Bem, a shape-changing monster who materializes from everyday items. Produced by Atsuko Nakajima, the animator of 'Ranma 1/2,' and based on a widely popular video game, Jewel Bem Hunter LIME is a definitive digital animation, with stories of romance and unrequited love intermingled with slap-stick comedy, certain to appeal to a wide-range of audiences.

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

少年サンタの大冒険   소년 산타클로스의 대모험   小年聖誕的冒險故事

30 min. x 26 eps.|26 episodes

Based on a book by L. Frank Baum, famed author of the "Wizard of Oz" series, The Adventures of Young Santa Claus tells the story of Santa Claus as a child and youth before becoming the world-renowned saint of Christmas. Filled with the loves, dreams, and adventures of a boy growing up, this skillfully drawn animation presents the answers to children's most perplexing questions, such as why Santa Claus delivers Christmas presents around the world, how he is able to do it all in one day, and why he rides a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Discoveries abound for every generation in the heartwarming adventures of the young Santa, his cat, fairies and reindeer.

Fishing Encyclopedia

釣り百景   낚시백경   釣魚百景

60 min series|100+ eps

Oceans! Rivers! Best-kept Secrets!
In search of great fishing spots, nature and interesting people , this program travels the world on a fishing adventure.
A tale of human drama in the world of fishing!
Celebrities and luminaries from various fields join expert anglers.
A must-see for hardcore fishing fans!

You're Under Arrest the Movie

逮捕しちゃうぞ the movie   체포하겠어 Movie   逮捕(電影版)

90 min.

A disk containing a lost research report exposing the vulnerabilities of Tokyo's police force to terrorist attack has become the target of a criminal element. Catching the police off-guard with the destruction of a major bridge and a threat to destroy more, the terrorists raid a now nearly empty command center to take the disk. In their feature film debut, Natsumi and Miyuki, together with their colleagues, must work fast to round up these terrorists before they can escape, and solve a mystery linking the upper ranks of their own police force to this cunning plot.