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Worst to First: A Teen Baseball Miracle

下剋上球児   하극상 야구 소년   下剋上球兒

85min × 1ep / 75min × 1ep / 60min × 8eps

Nagumo is a social studies teacher at Mie Prefectural Etsuzan High School. A former baseball player in college who had to retire due to injury, he worked as a sports trainer before turning to his “other dream” of becoming a teacher at 32. When he is made advisor for the high school’s weak and disbanding baseball team, his life begins to come full circle, and strives to produce a miraculous turnaround for the team in this uplifting tale of love and baseball.

The Old Dog, New Tricks?

オールドルーキー   올드 루키   老菜鳥

85min × 1ep / 75min × 1ep / 60min × 8eps

Ryotaro is a cheerful professional soccer player devoted to the game he loves. He has risen to national team member, and come through with decisive goals when it counts… until injury begins to plague him. Facing retirement at 37, he realizes it is a little late for him to enter normal working society. Enter a sports management company called “Victory” which offers him a new lease on life. Yet somewhere in his heart, Ryotaro has not quite accepted his retirement, and he will need to reconcile with new challenges as an old rookie.

JUMP!!:The Heroes Behind the GOLD


115 min

The 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. Carrying the hopes of a nation, Japan’s was seeking its first ever gold medal in the Men’s Large Hill Team event. On the sidelines stood one man who harbored particularly strong emotions toward team ace, Masahiko Harada. That man was former Japan ski jumper, Jinya Nishikata.

In the previous Winter Olympic games at Lillehammer, Norway, Nishikata had appeared alongside Harada as a teammate. He had just made the team’s longest jump of 135 meters. Japan looked like it had the gold medal in the bag. But then Harada flubbed his jump. And they had to settle for second place, a silver medal. Vowing to erase that humiliation at the next winter games in Nagano four years later, Nishikata threw himself into training. But then he injured his back and was dropped from the team. His hopes crushed, Nishikata was, however, asked to participate in the Nagano games as a test jumper.

A test jumper’s job is check for any hazards on the hill prior to the event, and to make numerous jumps should it start to snow during the event to pack down the snow. Despite being resigned to a humiliating behind-the-scenes role, Nishikata gathered the other test jumpers, all with back stories of their own, and began preparing for the event.

And then it came. In the first round, Harada again made a poor showing. Team Japan fell to fourth place. But then a fierce blizzard blew in, stopping the action. If the event were to be called now, the first round results would stand.

Just then, the event judges called together all 25 of the test jumpers and said, “If you can all jump, we’ll resume the event.” Miraculously, Japan’s path to a gold medal lay open again, and in the hands of Nishikata and his 24 test jumpers.



Created by the producers of the global hit Ninja Warrior, BLOWOUT! is an exciting game show format of athletic prowess which has aired on TBS in Japan in a Saturday primetime slot for 10 years as part of a larger program called Athletic Fire.

The show is centered on various games in which participants attempt to BLOW OUT numerous specially designed targets, calling upon their skills in universally known sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Soccer, Golf and so on. The games are great fun for the participants, but they can be deceptively challenging and test participant’ s mental fortitude as well by adding time pressure to the mix leading many to reveal their true character. Casting participants with a wide range of skill experience, allows viewers to enjoy amazing performances of technical skill by experienced athletes, but also hilarious attempts by over-confident or witless amateurs. World class athletes such as Stephen Curry, Neymar, Lionel Messi and Naomi Osaka appeared as participants in the Japanese version.

Stars Align

星合の空   칠석날의 밤하늘   星合之空

A long awaited original anime by renowned anime director Kazuki Akane. Popular illustrator Ituka’s character design brings these characters to life.

The story takes place at a boy’s middle school when the soft tennis club is about to be disbanded, and club captain Tooma is trying to recruit his athletic friend Maki to help save it. Centering around their club efforts, this anime tells a poignant story about coming of age that speaks to the heart.

No Side Manager

ノーサイド・ゲーム   노사이드 게임   No Side Manager -逆轉大叔

85 min × 1 ep / 75 min × 1 ep / 80 min × 1 ep / 60 min × 7 eps|10 episodes

Adapted from a novel by Jun Ikeido, the story follows the travails of a company man once touted as an elite executive candidate who falters when he voices opposition to his superiors over an acquisition, and is exiled to general affairs manager at a branch factory. Adding insult to injury, he is also ordered to serve as general manager of the plant’s failing rugby team, the Tokiwa Motors “Astros”, which once basked in glory but has since sunk to perennial cellar dweller. Hoping to resuscitate his own future along with that of a weak rugby team on the verge of disbandment, the embattled company man stakes pride and fortune on fulfilling two missions, putting all he’s got into work and sports in this inspirational human drama.

Australian Ninja Warrior

오스트레일리언 닌자 워리어   澳大利亞忍者王

Season 1: 90 min × 9 eps Season 2: 90 min × 12 eps Season 3: 90 min × 10 eps Season 4: 90 min × 10 eps|Eps 41

Ninja Warrior Austria challenges the toughest contestants from all over the country to face the hardest competition of their life. Over 200 Austrian athletes will try their best – but only the best 25 will make it to the big finale.

Ninja Warrior Hungary

닌자 워리어 헝가리   忍者大戰 匈牙利

120 min.|10 episodes

Thousands of people have come forward to prove that they are able to overcome the monumental obstacle course that only a few could achieve in the world so far. Amazing excitement, a stunning track and super-power is promised by the world-famous show. After Japan, America and many other countries in Europe, Ninja Warrior arrived in Hungary. Do not miss anything, pleasing to the greatest fighters!

We Are Rockets!

チア☆ダン   치어댄스   青春后空翻

75 min × 1 ep / 60 min × 9 eps|10 episodes

Wakaba Fujitani is a high school sophomore in Fukui Prefecture. Ever since she was little, she has been an ardent fan of the JETS, a top high school cheer dance team from her hometown that won the U.S. national championship for the first time. Her dream is to one day join the team and win the coveted U.S. national championship again. But when Wakaba fails to pass the school’s entrance examination, her aspiration of even becoming a cheer dancer are crushed, and she settles for attending a high school in a neighboring town where she spends most of her time merely cheering at sporting events as part of her school’s weak cheerleading club. Then one day, Yuri, a transfer student from Tokyo with a forceful personality arrives and befriends Wakaba, suddenly suggesting that the two of them try out for the cheer dance team. Startled by this turn of events, Wakaba slowly begins to feel a rekindling of her long-cherished childhood dream.


KUNOICHI   쿠노이치   誰是女忍者?

3 eps 150 ~ 180 min series|3 eps

A spin-off program from SASUKE. KUNOICHI (a word for a female ninja) puts professional and amateur athletes, celebrities and general participants on a challenging obstacle course. Who among these women has the skills and stamina to clear all areas and be crowned champion?


陸王   육왕   陸王

120 min × 1 eps / 90 min × 1 eps / 85 min × 2 eps / 75 min × 2 eps / 60 min × 4 eps|10 episodes

Dramatization based on the novel “RIKUOH” by Jun Ikeido. Koichi Miyazawa is the CEO of the longstanding company which manufacture tabi(traditional Japanese socks). Due to a decrease of demand for tabi thesedays, the Company, Kohazeya, has fallen upon hard times. For the company's survival, Miyazawa strikes upon the idea of creating a new type of running shoe that utilizes “tabi” making techniques to make the user feel as if running in bare feet. But the road ahead for a cash-strapped local company with a small staff is steep, and Miyazawa runs into continuous roadblocks only to be saved time and time again by those around him. Will he succeed in launching his running shoe and saving his company? Follow Miyazawa in this uplifting tale of economic revitalization.

Let's Go, JETS! From Small Town Girls to U.S. Champions?!

チア☆ダン~女子高生がチアダンスで全米制覇しちゃったホントの話~   치어☆댄   高校女子啦啦隊☆

121 min.

Hikari Tomonaga has just entered high school at Central High in Fukui Prefecture and has joined the school’s cheerdancing team of instruction includes a prohibition against everything from covering your forehead to romance and anything that may distract focus and energy from the goal of winning a national championship in the U.S. Hikari watches as one member after another buckles under the pressure and drops out, but she herself, with the support of another freshman teammate, Ayano, decides to stick with it. But will this ordinary high school teen be able to help lead her team to an all American cheerdancing championship?

American Ninja Warrior

아메리칸 닌자 워리어   美國忍者王

Season 1 (2009) : 30 min x 8 eps Season 2 (2010) : 60 min x 10 eps Season 3 (2011) : 60 min x 8 eps / 120 min x 1 ep Season 4 (2012) : 60 min x 21 eps / 120 min x 3 eps Season 5 (2013) : 60 min x 18 eps / 120 min x 4 eps Season 6 (2014) : 120 min x 14 eps / 180 min x 1 ep Season 7 (2015) : 120 min x 16 eps / 180 min x 2 eps Season 8 (2016) : 120 min x 14 eps / 180 min x 1 ep Season 9 (2017) : 120 min x 16 eps / 180 min x 1 ep Season 10 (2018) : 120 min x 16 eps / 180 min x 1 ep Season 11 (2019) : 120min × 17eps, 180min × 1ep Season 12 (2020) : 120 min x 9 eps Season 13 (2021) : 120min × 12eps Season 14 (2022):120min × 12 eps Season 15 (2023):60min × 8 eps / 120min × 6 eps|Eps 220

American competitors try to do what few others have, conquer Mount Midoriyama.
Seasons 1, 2 and 3 each begin with hundreds of hopefuls who compete for a chance to travel to Japan to prove themselves on the world's most difficult obstacle course. The latest season takes place entirely in America, beginning with competitions in six different regions and culminating in Las Vegas where an exact duplicate of the four stage Mount Midoriyama has been constructed.

★ Nominated Outstanding Reality-Competition in 2016 Emmys
★ Aired on G4 and NBC in primetime in the same season
★ #1 rating in adults 18-49 steadily increased in its timeslot throughout the season

Stella Women's Academy High School Devision Class C3 - School Girl Survivor Game

ステラ女学院高等科C3   스텔라 여학원 고등부 C3 부   史黛拉女子學院高等科C3 部

30 min. x 13 eps.|13 episodes

When Yura arrives at Stella Girls’ Academy, her new roommate invites her to join a club called C3. C3 stands for Command, Control and Communications, a survivalist club. So faster than you can say “bang, bang, you’re dead,” Yura and fellow new recruits Rento and Yachiyo are drafted into the ranks.

Drucker in the Dug-Out: A Japanese baseball girl meets Peter Drucker

もし高校野球の女子マネージャーがドラッカーの『マネジメントを読んだら』   만약 고교야구 여자 매니저가 피터드러커를 읽는다면   我們的青春是從一本書開始的。

125 min.

When the manager of a pathetic city high school baseball team becomes sick, her best friend Minami takes over the position. Not knowing anything about how to run a team, she goes to the bookstore and mistakenly buys business guru Peter Drucker’s famed book “Management”. Inspired, she applies Drucker’s theories and words of wisdom into the practical running of the club. It’s time for the team to play the final qualifying game in their last summer at Hodokubo High. They’ll need to utilize all of their ability and everything they’ve learned from Drucker to win. However, the night before the fateful game the unthinkable happens…Will Hodokubo High make it to the national championships?

Tomorrow's Joe

あしたのジョー   내일의 죠   小拳王

137 min.

The late 1960s. Alone, young man who spends his days brawling and stealing drifts into a Tokyo flophouse district. His name is Joe Yabuki. There, he meets alcoholic former boxer Danpei Tange, who senses a natural born fighting talent in Joe. However, soon after Joe is sent to a reformatory for assault.
Danpei sends Joe a letter while he's incarcerated. Entitled "For Tomorrow," it explains the basic boxing technique of the jab. Even inside, Joe stirs up trouble and gets into fights during which he encounters a powerful, champion-level pro boxer named Rikiishi. After their release from incarceration, Joe and Rikiishi both progress as professional boxers in their respective weight classes. Joe vs. Rikiishi – the ring of the bell sounds their destiny!


ボックス!   복스 !   BOX!

126 min.

Timid honor student Yuki joins Ebisu High School's boxing club, aspiring to the raw power of his childhood friend Kabu, who's a bad boy boxing prodigy. Despite Kabu's laziness, he racks up a string of winning bouts through his natural talent for the sport. He may not listen to what anyone says, but he's willing to give it his all for the people close to him, including his coach. Bullied as a child, Yuki applies his no-nonsense character to training day in and day out through a sheer desire to become stronger, also gaining support from best friend Kabu. Under the coach's guidance, Yuki gradually builds strength, moving one step closer to undefeated high school rookie Kabu. Fate leads the two friends to become rivals... Fighting until the end, for a friend. What lies ahead for Kabu and Yuki?...


タンブリング   텀블링   體操男孩

120 min x 1ep / 60 min x 10 eps|11 episodes

All hell breaks loose at a local high school when a very effete men’s tumbling and rhythmic gymnastics club is suddenly joined by a gang of the school’s “baddest” boys, and proceed to make believers out of everybody around them. Casting a spotlight on the Japanese-born sport of men’s rhythmic gymnastics, Tumbling is an uplifting and inspirational passion-of-youth drama about true friendship, dreams and the wonders of hard work. In fact, all the actors underwent rigorous gymnastics training so they could perform their stunts. But will they all be tumbling like pros by the end of their dramatic run?

Taisho Baseball Girls

大正野球娘。   다이쇼 야구소녀   大正棒球少女

30 min. x 12 eps.|12 episodes

During Japan’s Taisho Era, high school student Koume is suddenly asked by her best friend Akiko to help her start a women’s baseball team. This comes as a surprise to Koume, since in this conservative period in history, women’s education is considered secondary to their traditional role in the home, as Akiko is told by her fiancé on the school’s baseball team. Akiko decides to make him eat his words by starting a team of her own. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know the rules, what equipment is necessary, or really anything about baseball at all! Will they really be able to gather seven other women to play and hold their own? In an era where women are expected to be reserved, these women are taking it to the field to change people’s attitudes and have some fun along the way!

ROOKIES: Graduation

ROOKIES - 卒業 -   루키즈   菜鳥總動員: 畢業決戰 不良學園終極電影版

137 min.

A fired-up high-school teacher who teaches his baseball team the importance of having a dream, and the students he leads, burning with this dream of a national championship. A group of modern young people of the baseball club at Futakotamagawa High School: they have no hope for the future, and no idea of what they want to do. ‘The world is full of hope,’ a new teacher, Kawato shouts at them. ‘Don’t make fun of people who have dreams.’ Overcoming problems with the new players, and an injury to their captain, with Kawato, they move into the semifinal tournament that leads to their final chance at a national championship. Will the dreams of the Futakotamagawa baseball team come true? Meanwhile, graduation day draws near..…


ROOKIES   루키즈   ROOKIES (菜鳥總動員)

120 min x 2 eps / 60 min x 9 eps|11 episodes

The setting is Futakotamagawa Gakuen High School. Upset that the baseball club has been forced to suspend its activities after a scandal caused by one of its members, the boys have slipped into delinquency. This is an inspiring story of blood, sweat and tears as Kawato, the dedicated schoolteacher, tries to open up communications with the toughs through baseball, and we see the boys clawing their way back from delinquency as they set their sights on Koshien despite their lack of skill.

Big Windup!

おおきく振りかぶって   크게 휘두르며   王牌投手- 振臂高揮

Series.1: 30 min. x 26 eps. (SD only) Series.2: 30 min. x 14 eps. (HD only)|40 episodes

Having been the “ace” pitcher for his junior high school baseball team just because he was the principal’s grandson, only brought him and his team three years of straight losses. Now that he is a freshman on the high school team, Mihashi’s lacking confidence, but the team’s tough-as-nails coach, Momoe, and Mihashi’s new best friend and team catcher, Abe, see something special in him. They’ll have to help him conquer his fears if they want to win the championship!

H2: The Days with You

H2 ~君といた日々~   H2 ~너와 있던 날들   H2 ~有你的日子

75 min x 1 ep / 60 min x 10 eps|11 episodes

Hiro was an ace pitcher in junior high school, until he was diagnosed with a “glass elbow.” After giving up on the sport for a time, his passion for the game draws him back to it in high school and he joins a baseball team only to find himself in a match against his old rival Hideo who plays for the highest ranked high school. The meeting of the two is observed by Hideo’s girlfriend, Hikari, and she finds herself increasingly drawn towards Hiro, despite his only being interested in baseball. These two young men battle for the dream of winning the famous Koushien Baseball Tournament and for the heart of the young woman who doesn’t know for whom she should cheer.

The Ping Pong Club

行け!稲中卓球部   이나중 탁구부   去吧! 稻中桌球社

30 min. x 26 eps.|26 episodes

Dirty jokes, girl trouble, and other dumb things – these are the trials and tribulations of the boys’ Ping Pong Club. Only one passion truly fires their souls: the glorious sport of ping pong! Unfortunately, tragedy strikes when the girls’ team conquers the gym, leaving our heroes humiliated and homeless. Foul play may be the only way for the boys to get back on top. Luckily it’s the only way they know how to play!

School Wars 1, 2

スクール・ウォーズ1、2   학교대항 1, 2   學校戰爭

Part.1: 60 min. x 27 eps Part.2: 60 min. x 16 eps.|43 episodes

A man’s passionate lifestyle and boundless energy have a miraculous effect on his students. Where the school previously had been known only for its fights, it is suddenly celebrating a national rugby championship in its first year of serious competition. Here is education the way it should be.

American Ninja Warrior Junior

American Ninja Warrior Junior   아메리칸 닌자 워리어 주니어   美國小忍者王

Series1 : 20 eps Series2 : 17 eps Series3:15 eps

Nominated for an Emmy four years in a row the worldwide phenomenon “American Ninja Warrior” has a broad fan base but the biggest among them is the KIDS. And now for the first time, the kids can actually be a part of “American Ninja Warrior” in the new program “American Ninja Warrior Junior”. “American Ninja Warrior Junior” features up to 200 boys and girls from 9 to 14 years old from across the country. Two players at a time from each of three age groups (9 & 10, 11 & 12, and 13 & 14 year s old) compete head- to-head on identical parallel obstacle courses, with the player who completes the course in the shortest amount of time advancing to the next round.

Athletic Fire

炎の体育会TV   열띤 체육회 TV   火炎運動會TV

60 and 120 min|60 and 120 min series

The world's greatest female athletes challenge Japan's top comedians in sports battles designed to amaze and entertain. World record holders, international stars and the nations best women from swimming, volleyball, soccer, golf and martial arts have their hands full as they battle funny men in real competitions.

Battle of the Super Boyz

究極の男は誰だ!? 最強スポーツ男子頂上決戦   최고의 남자는 누구인가!? 최강 스포츠 남자 정상결정전   終極美男體能爭霸賽

150 ~ 240 min series|150 ~ 240 min series

Never before has a competition created such excitement on screen and among teens and young adults. A legendary competition is reborn with the hottest games and competitors.

Mongolian Ninja Warrior

몽골리언 닌자워리어   蒙古忍者王

Series 1: 90 min × 13 eps|Eps 13

Muscle Ranking

筋肉番付   근육랭킹   挑戰冠軍王

60 min x 77 eps 30 min x 154 eps|Eps 231

Real athletic competition is on display in this sports game show. A field of competitors that ranges from unknown amateurs to world class professional athletes provides remarkable stories of human spirit and achievement. The competition features incredibly challenging games that have been specially designed for this show and include Super Rider, Handwalking, Kick Target and Service Ace.

Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior   닌자전사   忍者戰士

30 min: 135 eps 60 min x 2 eps Including special and preview episodes Spanish version (30 min): 21 eps|30 & 60 min series

Divided into four extreme stages, 100 competitors face the ultimate test of strength and will in their quest to become champion. Many are called. Few are chosen. Who’s tough enough to become the next Ninja Warrior! Produced by Monster 9 and airing on Japan’s Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), Ninja Warrior has become an international sensation.

★ Both on-air & clean video versions available to suit a licensee’s need
★ Sold in 157 countries and territories
★ Now available for all digital media

Ninja Warrior Espana

닌자 워리어 에스파냐   西班牙忍者王

Season 1 : 120 min × 5 eps Season 2 : 120 min × 5 eps|Eps 10

Ninja Warrior Germany

닌자 워리어 독일   德國忍者王

Season 1 : 125-130 min × 5 eps Season 2 : 125-130 min × 9 eps Season 3 : 125-130 min × 9 eps Season 4 : 125-130 min × 9 eps Season 5 : 125-130 min × 10 eps Season 6:125min-130min × 11 eps Season 7:125min-130min × 10 eps|Eps 63

Ninja Warrior Sweden

닌자 워리어 스웨덴   極限體能王・瑞典版

Series 1 : 45 min. x 10 eps. Series 2 : 45 min. x 12 eps.|22 episodes

Ninja Warrior makes its debut in Europe with this exciting version that gathers the best athletes from all over Sweden.

Ninja Warrior UK

닌자 워리어, 영국   極限體能王-英國篇

Series 1 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 2 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 3 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 4 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 5 : 60 min x 8 eps Series 6:60 min x 8 eps|Eps 48

The toughest obstacle course on television has come to the UK. Competitors from all walks of life have prepared for this grueling challenge in many different ways, but they share one dream, to be crowned UK's Ninja Warrior.


SASUKE   極限体能王   사스케

120~480 min × 37 eps|Eps 37

“SASUKE” is challenges of Olympic proportions that are designed to test the limits of human ability. Each program features 100 competitors who take on the enormous four stage course.
The drama and tension are high as world class athletes struggle a long side top amateur competitors at tempt ing to pass the world’s ultimate test of physical ability.